KMP E9X M3 / E82 1M Racing Wheel + Quick-Release Hub Kit - 6MT

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KMP is a drivetrain and motorsport specialist based in the Netherlands. In addition to their world-renowned gear, differential, and driveshaft offerings, KMP proudly supplies aftermarket racing steering wheels for BMW and Porsche.

The plug and play BMW E9X M3 / E82 1M Racing wheel has four different button layouts. This version has 2 free to use buttons, a Horn button at the left top and a M-Sport button at the right top. The complete assembly comes with an E9X hub, quick release, OMP racing wheel and all necessary electronics. Because of their plug and play considerations, the KMP steering wheel is also devoid of any pesky error messages from the ECU, airbag, or controller. OEM equipment is easily fitted back into the car where necessary.

Alcantara wraps the smaller 330mm wheel in its entirety, ensuring optimal grip in all driving situations and quicker response over the stock unit. A yellow motorsport stripe adorns the wheel at 12 o'clock as a perfect finishing touch.

Product Details:

  • Alcantara 330mm wheel for better grip + feedback
  • Plug and play design with no errors
  • Quick release and hub included
  • Configured with Horn + M-Sport buttons (2 free buttons)

** This item is non-returnable **

What can I do with the free buttons?

A free button can be used for anything you want. These buttons are switched to ground, and can be used with the supplied flying leads. Connect an external timer, flash light or anything you would like to control directly from your racing wheel.

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