Karbonius E46 M3 Carbon Vented Hood


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The BMW E46 M3 Carbon Vented Hood is manufactured in 100% Prepreg fiber and cured in autoclave in our facilities in Spain by qualified personnel with years of experience in the manufacture of automotive components.

This is a vented reinterpretation of the original M3 hood. Thanks to the openings present in the hood we managed to eliminate the hot air that is generated in the engine bay, and thus improve cooling. In the interior there are also aesthetic changes, the nerves/structure visible in the original piece are modified and adapted to the new exterior design. As a result we obtain a technically improved part with a careful and sporty appearance that matches the aesthetics of the vehicle. The hood is manufactured in two parts (exterior and interior) which are then joined in an assembly bench by means of adhesive, resulting in a structural part of great resistance. Nutserts fixed to the laminate by means of structural adhesive are used.

For the premium finish we use several layers of UV-protective polyurethane varnish, which provides a shine and durable finish, no yellowing guaranteed.

The hood can be used with the original locks, kidneys, and grilles.

Product Details:

  • Unique in the market 100% Carbon Prepreg autoclaved
  • Weight: 4,9 Kg (4,3 kg reduction compared to OEM)
  • 2×2 weave
  • High gloss UV protection varnish
  • Perfect fit. No adjustment required

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