Karbonius E46 M3 / 3-Series Carbon Strut Brace

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A strut tower bar is one of the most common and effective upgrades in a vehicle. With the installation of a strut brace, the body gets added structural strength, preventing tower flex and alignment changes during sporty driving or while at the race track.

Improve your E46-Chassis BMW with the Karbonius Carbon Strut Brace!

Karbonius Composites was inspired by the popular, but no longer available BMW Performance strut bar to create a version of their own. They have designed an extremely strong and lightweight brace that not only adds strength and stability, but also a spectacular eye-catching look.

The carbon strut bar is manufactured in prepreg carbon fiber and cured in aluminum mold in an autoclave; while the strut tower caps are 5-axis CNC machined, and includes titanium strut tower nuts.

Installation Instructions

Product Details:

  • Fits all E46 and M3
  • Offered in standard high gloss, 2x2 carbon weave
  • Natural anodized aluminum strut tower caps
  • 6 titanium nuts included
  • Very light, only 1100g weight
  • Perfect fitment and easy installation
  • 100% carbon fiber prepreg
  • Cured in aluminum mold and autoclave
  • Controlled break zone
  • Exclusive and numbered piece
  • 2-year warranty

NOTE: All pieces are numbered to guarantee authenticity and origin.

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