Karbonius E36 M3 European Radiator Cover

SKU: E36TM02-CF-2

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Manufactured in 100% carbon fiber prepreg and cured in autoclave. This ultra lightweight component is a direct replacement for the European E36 Radiator Cover.

Typically used on U.S. market cars equipped with European S50B30 or S50B32 engine swaps or U.S. spec S50 /S52 cars to delete the unnecessary alternator ducting.

Product Details:

  • Fits all E36 and M3
  • Eliminates unnecessary alternator ducting on U.S. spec models
  • Only 350 grs weight
  • Perfect fitment and easy installation
  • 100% carbon fibre prepreg
  • Cured in autoclave
  • Exclusive and numbered piece
  • 2-year warranty

NOTE: All pieces are numbered to guarantee authenticity and origin.

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