IND F90 M5 Appearance Package


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While the F90 M5 is by no means subtle, untrained eyes occasionally find it hard to distinguish it from its 5-series brethren. IND's new Appearance Package is aptly named to deliver a well-rounded visual upgrade to the F90 M5 to ensure onlookers clearly know the difference. Where our familiar Cosmetic Package focuses on replacing some of our more commonplace enhancements (front and rear reflectors, front and side grilles, etc.), this new bundle adds on MSS's height adjustable spring kit and a 4-wheel set of Future Classic's bolt-on wheel spacers.  

The cumulative effect of all these upgrades is a significant one the F90 M5 with these mods is simply stunning and it makes BMW's flagship saloon look the part. IND's renowned painted front reflectors lead the charge while Acexxon's rear inserts help exude a sporting presence more often associated with BMW's smaller M lineup. MSS's easy-to-use adjusters make it easy to dial in the perfect height for your purpose and, in tandem with FC's spacers, give off a menacing demeanor that gives greater insight into what lurks beneath the hood.  

Indeed, for the F90 M5 owner who is looking for an all-in-one transformative effect, this Appearance Package is made for you.


Product Details:  

  • Fits F90 M5
  • For an instant and incredible visual upgrade
  • Includes: IND Painted Front Reflectors, Acexxon Rear Reflector Inserts, Future Classic 4-Wheel Spacer Set, MSS Height Adjustable Spring Set
  • Exclusive IND Package


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