Fall-Line Motorsports - Mercedes W463 G-Wagen Halon Fire Extinguisher + Mounting Bracket


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Confidence in all driving situations is a result of two things: experience and trust in your equipment. Knowing your car is safe at speed is an element often overlooked, but is absolutely critical in dynamic driving situations. As a precautionary measure, a Halon fire extinguisher is a potentially life-saving addition to your car.

As a safety item, easy access and operation was paramount in the design process. Fall-Line Motorsports has developed a bespoke mounting bracket for the all-mighty Geländewagen's seat, allowing you to simply pull the clearly marked knob to release the extinguisher for immediate use.

As with all Fall-Line products, this kit has been road tested for durability and reliable operation.

Product Details

  • In each kit: Halon 1211 fire extinguisher + G-Class bracket
  • Black anodized billet aluminum bracket
  • Road tested for durability
  • Made in USA

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