Fall-Line Motorsports F8X M2 / M3 / M4 Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit


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Upgrade your BMW F8X M2, M3, or M4 with the Fall-Line Motorsports Rear Sway Bar End Link Kit, proudly Made in the USA. Elevate your car's handling, stability, and cornering performance to the next level. Designed as a direct replacement for BMW Part No. 33502284618

Key Features:

  • Precision-engineered for enhanced cornering performance
  • Ensures balanced weight distribution for superior grip
  • Designed for compatibility with your BMW F8X M2, M3, or M4
  • Eliminates sway bar-induced suspension stress
  • Allows for precise customization through length variation
  • Includes dust boots to protect against dust interference
  • Replaces BMW 33-50-2-284-618

Achieving optimal corner balancing is essential for maximizing your car's mechanical grip. Height adjustable dampers are a fundamental requirement for this process. They allow alignment technicians to fine-tune each height individually, effectively canceling out any uneven crossweights. However, to complete the corner balancing procedure, adjustable sway bar end links are indispensable.

Uneven loading of the sway bar can transmit unwanted forces through the suspension, negatively affecting your car's handling and stability. Adjustable sway bar end links resolve this issue by offering variability in length. Alignment technicians can use this feature to ensure that the sway bar remains unloaded and unstressed at static ride height, resulting in excellent chassis dynamics and a perfectly balanced cornering experience.


  • BMW F8X M2
  • BMW F8X M3
  • BMW F8X M4

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