Fall-Line Motorsports E9X M3 / E82 1M Adjustable Toe Arm Set - Standard


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A byproduct of multi-link suspension arrangements is a dynamic change in the car’s alignment settings- when making an adjustment to one attribute like camber, track width and toe will follow. This is especially true for the E9x cars, as the original BMW camber eccentric bolt has an impact on toe as well. Alignments are made faster and simpler when using a set of aftermarket lower arms, enabling the alignment tech to easily reset toe after adjusting camber.

The standard toe link kit by Fall Line Motorsports is designed to simplify toe changes at an alignment facility while still keeping cost reasonable.

The standard toe link kit keeps costs down by using a traditional jam nut design in a sturdy billet arm. Adjustable threaded rod ends turn into and out of the arm for a wide range of toe adjustment, and enable an alignment technician to easily set toe on a lowered car.

Cross Reference: FLM-E82-1FECOTOE

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