IND F80 M3 Colored Seat Belt Set


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Since the first public unveiling of the E30 M3 in the fall of 1985 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW has reserved colored seat belts for their most special cars. From the incredible E30 M3, to the history-making i8, colored belts have are one of the ways that BMW adds color and vibrance to their story. IND aims to enable our clients to take a place in BMW’s history by offering our own custom seat belts.

The IND colored M3 seat belts employ the OEM factory seat belt mechanisms, and seat belt fabric that is CNC sewn and assembled by a professional racing harness manufacturer to ensure quality, safety, and full OEM fitment and functionality. All of the critical safety components from the original BMW seat belts are retained, with only the seat belt fabric itself being replaced.

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