Evolve Performance S55 / N55 Pinned Crank Hub Kit


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Designed specifically for BMW S55 engines, the Evolve solution is engineered to address a common issue and provide peace of mind for owners. The OE design has been known to "slip" or "spin" on tuned cars and to a lesser extent on completely stock cars. This can lead to at best the engine requiring retiming or at worst piston to valve contact and therefore an engine rebuild.

The Evolve S55 Crank Hub Fix is crafted to resolve the inherent weakness of the stock crank hub design ensuring long-lasting durability. The two-piece construction makes for easier installation while the 4 pin interface with the OE Crank provides an extra layer of security.

Crafted from EN36 a material which is commonly used to manufacture crankshafts in automotive and aerospace industries, the Evolve S55 Crank Hub Fix is engineered to withstand extreme conditions and deliver reliability under intense stress. A drill bit and alignment guide are provided as part of the kit to make installation for a trained professional easier.

Whether you're a performance enthusiast, a track day aficionado, or simply seeking to protect your investment, the Evolve BMW S55 Crank Hub Fix with the 2-Piece 4-Pinned Crank Hub is the ultimate in preventative care.

Product Details:

  • EN36 Heat Treated Material
  • 2 Piece 4 Pin Construction
  • Drill bit
  • Drill bit Alignment Guide
  • Made in the UK

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