EISENMANN - Porsche 911 F-Model (Carrera) - Set Heat Exchanger SS, 38 mm

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As classic Porsche vehicles have aged with time, replacement exhaust components have become difficult and many times impossible to source.

The Eisenmann classic line of exhausts allows the owner of a classic Porsche vehicle to replace their exhaust system with a factory-fit counterpart that flows and sounds better than the original component.

The design and fabrication of the classic systems will follow Eisenmann’s tried and true formula involving rigorous design and flow testing paired with hand-craftsmanship of all individual components used in the construction of each muffler. 

Eisenmann's engineers are responsible for designing the OEM systems seen on Porsche and AMG cars and use this experience to design the best performance exhaust systems in the world. Eisenmann's performance exhausts are built by hand from start to finish to create an old world craftsmanship simply not available with other exhaust manufacturers.


Listing of all vehicles this part can be used with:

Model Chassis Engine Year Model
911 F-Model   2,0l (81kW) (103kW) (118kW) (125kW) 1965 - 1974
911 F-Model   2,2l (92kW) (114kW) (132kW) 1965 - 1974
911 F-Model   2,4l (96kW) (121kW) (140kW) 1965 - 1974
911 F-Model Carrera 2,7l (154kW)   1965 - 1976



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