IND E92 M3 SportEVO Tribute Seat Belt Set


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Since its first public unveiling in the fall of 1985 at the Frankfort Motor Show, the BMW E30 M3 has remained one of the most iconic European sports cars, and that still hold true today, almost 30 years later. This is because, when the folks at BMW Motorsport GmbH set out to create the E30 M3, they spared no effort in ensuring that they would have a precision built racecar, adapted for street driving, and intended for a true enthusiast of motorsport. One stunning attribute of the E30 M3 were the red seat belts offered only in the Sport Evo edition cars, to bring a race inspired feel to a barely street legal road car.

Since our inception iND Distribution has always strived to produce the most unique cars, with the highest possible standards to ensure the absolute best quality product. When our client Felix (Powerbeast) approached us with the idea of putting colored seatbelts in his E9X M3 that we were building, we instantly loved the idea.

The iND colored M3 seatbelts are OEM factory seatbelt mechanisms that are sewn and assembled by a professional racing harness manufacturer to ensure quality, safety, and that they retain all OEM fitment, and functionality. All of the critical safety components from the original BMW seatbelts are retained, with only the seatbelt fabric itself being replaced.


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