Dinan Ignition Coils - Mxx Series Style

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Dinan Ignition Coils are designed to be a direct plug-and-play replacement, or upgrade, to factory coils and provide greater energy output. With up to 10% more energy output then stock you are ensured a stronger and more consistent spark. Whether you are replacing dilapidated coils that are causing sluggish acceleration and/or misfires or simply upgrading for a more reliable and consistent spark your ignition system will be more efficient with a new set of Dinan coils. For those that like to showcase engine modifications they even come in a variety of unique housing colors to choose from for that personalized touch!

The M series style coil applies to the following engines: M52, M54, M62, M73, S52 and S62.

*M54 Some M54 applications split coil styles between M or N depending on vehicle production date. Cars produced up to 09/2002 will use the M series style coil whereas vehicles produced after 09/2002 will use N series style coils. Please visually compare / verify correct coil prior to purchase.

Compatible OEM Part #Cross Reference: 12137599219, 12131748018 and 12139067830.

Product Details:

  • Up to 10% more energy output than stock.
  • Multiple color options to choose from (black, red, and blue).
  • Housings branded with a Dinan Logo for easy identification.
  • True upgrade, not just aesthetic.
  • Direct plug-and-play.

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