CSF SQ7 / SQ8 High Performance Intercooler Set

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Like all vehicles, tuning for more boost inevitably causes excessive heat which can damage your engine and hinder performance. The increased boost pressure also puts more strain on some components like the intercoolers. Both these issues can be resolved with the new CSF by PWR Twin Intercooler Set for the 2020+ Audi SQ7/SQ8.

While the original kit designed for the Urus / RS Q8 / Cayenne Turbo was able to be installed on the SQ7/SQ8, there were some modifications necessary and not a true “drop-in fit”. Unitronic in Canada really brought the demand for an application specific set of intercoolers to our attention as they have a large customer base of SQ7s and SQ8s. Their tuning suite ups the SUVs power as high as 765bhp & 764 lb-ft.

Naturally, CSF saw a great opportunity to bring the same proven performance of these exclusive intercooler kits over to this new VAG platform to help unlock all of the potential performance of these new Super Sport SUVs.

The design of the intercoolers is based on the CSF #8211/8211R in which CSF teamed up with leading Southern California VAG specialists, Pacific German from Orange County, CA. They helped to design, develop, and test the new intercooler kit on their very own Lamborghini Urus.

Manufacturing of the USA-made CNC billet end tank intercoolers takes place at PWR North America in Indianapolis. This strategic partnership continues to flourish with this exciting new model for the SQ7/SQ8, allowing CSF to bring PWR’s Formula 1 cooling technology to the performance aftermarket.

Product Details:

  • Sold as a pair (Left & Right Intercoolers)
  • Eliminates Heat Soak and Lower Intake Air Temperatures (IAT) for Maximum Performance in High-Performance and Race Conditions
  • Formula-1 Performance Grade Cores by PWR (2-Row Cores features Rolled Tubes w/ Inner Fins)
  • CNC Machined Billet End Tanks
  • 100% TIG Welded vs OEM Crimped Plastic End Tanks for Maximum Strength & Durability
  • Made in the USA at PWR North America
  • Integrated 1/8th NPT Port with plug on lower outlet tank for Water-Methanol Injection
  • OEM Style Inlet/Outlet Connections for Precise Fitment With All OEM Components
  • Raw Billet Aluminum Finish (CSF #8280)
  • Finished in CSF’s Thermal Dispersion Cerakote (CSF #8280B)
  • True Plug-and-Play “Drop-in Fit” Installation Requires Absolutely No Modifications
  • Performance Testing by Unitronic
  • 1-Piece Welded Charge Pipe vs OEM Bolt-On Pipe w/ O-Ring (known failure point)

Performance Gains:

  • Stage 1 (Stock Tune) – Approx. +20 WHP / +18 WTQ*
  • Stage 2 (With High-Performance Tune) – Approx. +10 WHP / + 20 WTQ*
    *Estimated Performance based on same engine platform Audi C8 RS6/RS7 CSF Intercoolers


  • 2020+ Audi SQ7
  • 2020+ Audi SQ8

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

  • Audi (SQ8/SQ7): 4M0145803BM (left) & 4M0145804BM (right)

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