CSF B58 Engine Race X Charge-Air Cooler Manifold

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When CSF released the Gen 2 B58 “Super Manifold” for G-Chassis BMW and Supra, it was a smash hit (CSF #8200/8200B/8200C). It quickly became the go-to manifold for racers and enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their B58. Over the past two years people have been pushing the limits of the Gen 2 B58. While the Gen 2 B58 “Super Manifold” has held up amazingly to countless 1000hp builds, customers still wanted more. Well the wait is over and CSF is proud to introduce the “Race X” Charge-Air-Cooler manifold. Another industry leading design by the trio of CSF, VF Engineering, and Custom Plenum Creations.

The Race X Manifold is designed for high level motorsports competition and racing applications. The limits of the current Super Manifold are very high and more than enough for many enthusiasts, tuners, and racers. However, those looking to push their Gen 2 B58s to the maximum have been asking for more. Race X features a 25% larger core, additional parameter ports, and an optimized water flow system. The manifold can be used in either dual or single pass configurations and features a new front port that has been optimized for ice box setups. This is the most versatile and largest manifold available on the market and has been race tested on some of the fastest B58 powered drag cars in the world.

Product Details:

  • Utilizes a High Performance, Motorsports-Grade Bar/Plate Air-to-Water Intercooler Core
    • 25% larger than the standard Gen-2 B58 Super Manifold (CSF#8200) – 15 Rows of Water Cooling vs. CSF #8200 12 Rows and OEM 6 Rows
  • Core can be setup for dual or single pass configuration
    • The -16 ORB bung on front water end plate can be used to adjust the flow configuration to single-pass and/or to be used with an ice-box setup. Comes with CNC machined plug to use in dual-pass configuration
  • Designed in SolidWorks Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Integrated Air Divider in Inlet Tank Evenly Distributes Airflow Throughout the Core
  • Improved slotted mounting holes on throttle body side for easier installation
  • Easy Access to Spin-Off Oil Filter for Quick Oil Changes
  • Integrated Sensor Pad with Two 1/4″ and Three 1/8″ NPT Ports to Measure Additional Parameters or Extra Sources of Vacuum
  • Included Fuel Rail for Top Feed Port Injection
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Ports on the Top of Each Cylinder Runner for Nitrous or Meth Injection
    • Allows for Even Spray Distribution and Control for Maximum Performance
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Breather Ports for Both Inlet/Outlet Water Connections on Back of Manifold for Easy Bleeding
  • Included KIYLEX Thermal Rejection Manifold Spacer*
    • Made from KIYLEX® – A patented revolutionary high-performance final stage polymer
    • Acts as a thermal barrier that dissipates heat between the cylinder head and intake manifold
    • Proven to lower intake manifold temperatures by up to 15%
    • Lowers Intake Air Temps (IATs)
  • Some modifications to install – this product is intended to be installed only by a skilled and experience technician who is familiar with the B58 engine platform
    • Includes Hardware and Installation Kit with Picture Diagrams and Instructions
  • Finish: Raw Billet – Made by World-Leading Automotive Machinist Custom Plenum Creations in Australia
    • Optional Powder-Coating and Thermal Rejection Finishes Available – CSF #8400C / #8400B
  • Replaces OEM Part# 11618647977 & 17101WAA01

NOTE: CSF pressure tests each #8400 manifold at 60-70 PSI for a period of 2-3 minutes during the Quality Control and Inspection process. The CSF manifold is not designed to operate above 60 PSI. Any users who chose to operate their vehicle with the CSF manifold over 60 PSI does so at their own risk. Operation at these pressure levels will void the CSF Limited 2 Year Warranty.

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