Carbahn F95 X5M / F96 X6M Performance Heat Exchanger Kit

SKU: CBF9X-2021

Regular price $2,000.00



CarBahn has produced the largest and most thermally efficient heat exchanger on the market. Increasing cooling capacity by 40%. This heat exchanger utilizes F1 heat exchanger technology. This heat exchanger technology is dramatically more efficient than the lower cost heat exchangers on the market. The race car heat exchanger is significantly lighter weight.

Increasing boost generates more heat. The addition of the heat exchanger allows you to run more boost safely by reducing charge air temperature. This reduction in charge air temperature also makes more power. This is particularly noticeable in summer months when ambient temperatures are higher.

When used in conjunction with CarBahn software the addition of this heat exchanger provides enough safety that we can offer a factory matching warranty on your engine and drivetrain.

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