CarBahn BMW S58 Ignition Coil

SKU: CBS58-6001

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Electrical pulses to the spark plugs are what ignite the raw fuel in each cylinder, and with forced induction engines having increased pressure per cylinder, a consistent and reliable pulse and electrical spark are critical for optimal fuel burn, in turn, making horsepower.

Stay on top of unwanted misfires and unburned fuel with high performance replacement ignition coils for your high performing engine.

This product is a direct or consolidated replacement part from the manufacturers application guide which is legal for sale and use on emissions controlled vehicles.

Replaces OEM P/N: 12-13-8-643-360, 986221124, 12137619385, 12138678438, 986221124

Product Details:

  • Available in CarBahn-Gray or CarBahn-Red
  • Compatible with a wide range of BMW models
  • Designed to fit seamlessly and replace OEM coils
  • Significantly more cost-effective compared to OEM coils
  • Provides up to 10% higher output voltage compared to OEM coils
  • Offers equal or greater spark duration compared to OEM coils
  • Responds faster to voltage changes in the ignition system for improved performance

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