CANchecked G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Multi Function Display - 3.2" Gen2 (LHD)

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Your BMW is missing a data display!

Access to all engine data. The sensors are queried directly via CanBus and are displayed on our proven MFD32 . The display for the BMW G-Series comes with a vehicle-specific cover and fits into the interior like an original part. This means that the ventilation through the slots remains intact.

Our display emulates a manufacturer tester so all detailed values are available. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed.

Product Details:

  • Fits both ID7 and ID8 G8X models (LCI and pre-LCI)
  • Left-hand drive fitment ONLY
  • Integrates perfectly into the vehicle interior
  • Up to 128 sensors can be queried
  • 10 individually configurable views with our DSS - Display Setup Software
  • Includes performance monitoring, ECU diagnostics, and data logging
  • Ready-made views for a quick start with our display
  • Simply plug and play using our cable set - plug it in and you're done
  • 4 additional analog inputs for exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and more
  • Best readability - optional anti-reflective film included
  • Query the sensors like manufacturer diagnostic tools

A complete installation guide is provided for the CANchecked G8x M2, M3, & M4 Multi-Function Display 3.2 Gen2, suitable for both US & European spec models.

Please be aware of potential time differences when seeking direct assistance from the manufacturer. For any installation queries or support, feel free to reach out via email at


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