CANchecked G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Multi Function Display - 3.2" Gen2

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Your BMW is missing a data display!

Access to all engine data. The sensors are queried directly via CanBus and are displayed on our proven MFD32 . The display for the BMW G-Series comes with a vehicle-specific cover and fits into the interior like an original part. This means that the ventilation through the slots remains intact.

Our display emulates a manufacturer tester so all detailed values are available. We have optimized the protocol to achieve maximum query speed.

Product Details:

  • Fits both ID7 and ID8 G8X models (LCI and pre-LCI)
  • Integrates perfectly into the vehicle interior
  • Up to 128 sensors can be queried
  • 10 individually configurable views with our DSS - Display Setup Software
  • Includes performance monitoring, ECU diagnostics, and data logging
  • Ready-made views for a quick start with our display
  • Simply plug and play using our cable set - plug it in and you're done
  • 4 additional analog inputs for exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure and more
  • Best readability - optional anti-reflective film included
  • Query the sensors like manufacturer diagnostic tools

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