BMW M Performance M Logo Brake Caliper Clip Set

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BMW now offers OEM rear caliper clips in black or red with an M logo. For M-Sport stock calipers or M Performance Brake Kits only. Missing one of your stock rear caliper clips or looking to upgrade your silver clip? Please contact us for individual replacements.

NOTE: Price includes a set of 2 M Logo caliper clips for a full rear caliper set.

Application List:

  • G87 M2
  • G80 M3 and G82/G83 M4 / Competition / CS / CSL
  • F90 M5 / Competition / CS
  • G30 530i-ix, 540i-ix, M550ix
  • G32 640ix Gran-Turismo
  • G11/G12 740i-ix, 750ix, Alpina B7, M760ix
  • F91/F92/F93 M8 / Competition
  • G14/G15/G16 840i-ix, M850ix, Alpina B8
  • F97 X3M / Competition
  • G01 X3 30i-ix, X3 M40ix
  • F98 X4M / Competition
  • G02 X4 30i-ix, X4 M40ix
  • G05 - X5 40i-ix, X5 40eX, X5 50eX, X5 50ix, X5 M50ix, X5 M60iX
  • F95 - X5M / Competition
  • G06 - X6 40i-ix, X6 M50ix, X6 M60ix
  • F96 - X6M / Competition
  • G07 - X7 40ix, X7 M50ix, X7 M60iX, Alpina XB7

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