BMW M 50 Year Anniversary Heritage LED Door Projector Light Kit - 68mm

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The start of BMW M's 50th anniversary year sees the return of the iconic BMW Motorsport emblem and BMW M is putting down a marker for those who love tradition. The BMW logo with the offset semicircles in blue, violet and red was first used in 1973 on the racing cars of BMW Motorsport GmbH, which had been established a year before. With the debut of the BMW M1 in 1978, the three colored stripes followed, slanted to the right and leaning on the letter M. Even outside the motorsport scene, the stripes became a trademark with particularly high recognition value and identification power. The legendary BMW M1 was the only BMW M high-performance production vehicle to bear the historic motorsport emblem in addition to the logo with the three stripes.

Now you can amp up your puddle lights into something even more unique. The new BMW M 50 Year Anniversary LED door projectors make getting in and out of your BMW a special experience. With the front doors open, the classic BMW Motorsport emblem is projected onto the ground next to the vehicle. Now each time you come and go from your vehicle, you're showing a bit of motorsport history that will give you a feeling of exclusivity.

Product Details:

  • Genuine BMW Part
  • Easy to install in place of the standard entry lights
  • Bright even at dusk
  • LED lights are optimally suited to the on-board power supply
  • Includes: two door projectors - 68mm lens housing
  • Optional: M Performance Door Projector Slide Kit - offers 3 additional lenses
  • Replaces BMW Part 63312414105

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