BMW F90 M5 CS Carbon Front Lip

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The BMW M5 CS represents the highest rung of the BMW M ladder and sets new standards with its standout performance attributes combined with an exclusive and luxurious appearance.

Now you can get the same front-end look as the M5 CS for your F90! The carbon lip adds some much needed aggression to the front of standard M5's, but isn't so massive as you have to start worrying about driveways. It maintains the F90's clean and elegant lines. For all you BMW enthusiasts out there, there’s no better way to elevate your ride than by adding a touch of BMW's limited-run, exclusive special edition of the legendary BMW M5.

Product Details:

  • Genuine BMW OEM part
  • Fits F90 M5
  • Includes ALL OEM Mounting Hardware:
    • 51119500895 - CS Lip Bracket - Left
    • 51119500896 - CS Lip Bracket - Right
    • 51119500894 - CS Lip Support - Center
    • 07149213164 - Hex Bolt TS5x20 SW8 D=22
    • 4x 07146961201 - Self Locking M6 Hex Bolt
    • 8x 07147148437 - Hex Bolt TS5x20 SW8 D=16
    • 4x 51471911992 - Expanding Rivet D=8mm
    • 8x 07147311312 - C Clip Plastic Nut TS5

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