BMW M Performance F87 M2 Mirror Retrofit Kit

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Through the power of customization, your dream BMW can become a reality. If you’re a fan of the BMW M4 mirrors, this retrofit kit will bring that look and feel straight to your own ride. Comprised of OEM parts, fitment and style are guaranteed to be spot on. When it comes to quality, BMW simply can’t be beat. The customization doesn’t just end with the kit itself- we’re proud to offer a wide range of mirror cap finishes, including BMW M Performance Carbon. At IND, it’s our mission to bring your ideal ride to life. With this BMW M Performance F87 M2 Mirror Retrofit Kit, you can do just that.

Kit Includes:

  • OEM M Mirror Housing + Mount
  • OEM M Mirror Housing + Mount 
  • OEM Outside Mirror Cover Cap, Left, 
  • OEM Outside Mirror Cover Cap, Right
  • OEM Mirror Glass Heated Plane Left (EC) (U.S Spec)
  • OEM Mirror Lens, Convex, Heated, Right (U.S Spec)

** If paint is selected then please allow 3-4 business days for processing.  

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