BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro

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The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 PRO has a high-resolution QHD camera on the windscreen and a FullHD camera on the rear window, which monitor the vehicle both while driving and when parked. In addition to dangerous traffic situations, the camera uses intelligent sensors to record (attempted) break-ins and damage to property – even in difficult lighting conditions. The detailed videos can be evaluated using the Advanced Car Eye 3.0 app. The high-quality full HD camera on the rear window complements the BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 PRO and also records what is happening behind the vehicle in the event of vibrations.

  • Automatic recording of situations in front of and behind the vehicle even when parked.
  • Light-sensitive lens technology for detailed shots day and night.
  • Precise recording of the route thanks to the integrated GPS receiver.
  • Movements and vibrations are detected by the radar and vibration sensors.
  • Direct control via app. Recorded events can be viewed and archived on the smartphone.
  • Additional voice recognition for shortcuts while driving


  • Vibration detection: The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 PRO is automatically activated by vibrations and records relevant situations.
  • Radar sensor: Movements in the immediate vicinity, in front of and behind the vehicle, are detected and recorded.
  • In addition, the recording can be started manually with the REC button or the integrated voice recognition.
  • Recording/Playback: The camera has an SD memory card. The recorded videos can be viewed and archived via the ACE 3.0 app on the smartphone or downloaded to the computer.

Technical specifications:

  • Camera front screen QHD (2560 x 1440)
  • Rear window camera Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Max. 30 fps (exception: Japan max. 27 fps)
  • Image sensor: camera front screen 3.69 megapixels 1/2.8″
  • Rear window camera 2.07 megapixels 1/2.8″
  • Viewing angle (glass lens): Diagonal 150°
  • Memory: NAND Flash 1GB
  • DDR3 (memory chip)
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • WLAN 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.11b/g/n), 5GHz (IEEE 802.11a/n)
  • Power supply DC 12V; Super Cap 7F, 3.0V (emergency power supply)


  • 1x camera front screen
  • 1x camera rear window
  • 1x wiring harness
  • 1x 64GB SD memory card
  • 1x cleaning cloth for adhesive surface
  • 1x one-pager (incl. QR code for operating instructions)
  • 1x declaration of conformity
  • 15x cable ties, black

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