AutoTecknic G8X M / F9X M8 Dry Carbon Gear Selector Cover

SKU: ATK-BM-0323-F9X

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Elevate the driving experience in your 8-Speed Auto G8X M2 / M3 / M4 and F9X M8 with the AutoTecknic dry carbon fiber gear selector cover. This ultimate accessory boasts a motorsport-inspired quality and performance that complements the sleek design of your vehicle.

Crafted from premium pre-preg Toray carbon fiber material, this gear selector cover provides unbeatable durability and strength. The dry carbon fiber manufacturing process ensures a lighter-weight version of carbon fiber, with virtually no air pockets or pinholes for the highest-quality finish.

Using advanced 5-axis CNC technology, we've expertly trimmed our gear selector cover to provide a perfect fit and sleek blackout aesthetic. Attaching seamlessly to your OEM gear selector, this cover comes complete with double-sided tape for effortless installation. Every inch of satin chrome is fully covered, resulting in a flawless and stylish finish that enhances your driving experience.

Dry carbon fiber is the ultimate carbon fiber product and delivers a superior quality that you can trust. Our AutoTecknic carbon fiber gear selector switch cover is produced using this method, ensuring the least amount of waste and the highest-quality carbon fiber product on the market.

Experience the motorsport-inspired quality and performance you deserve with our AutoTecknic carbon fiber gear selector switch cover. Elevate the style and function of your M car with this ultimate accessory, and order now.

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