AutoTecknic G87 M2 Dry Carbon Performante Rear Diffuser

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Attention BMW G87 M2 enthusiasts! Unleash the extraordinary power of AutoTecknic's latest innovation - the newly released Dry Carbon Fiber Performante Rear Diffuser. Designed exclusively for your G87 M2, this remarkable tri-fin diffuser offers a seamless installation experience, effortlessly mounting onto the lower factory location.

Crafted with our signature autoclave technology, using 100% genuine 3K Twill-Weave (2X2) Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, this diffuser epitomizes the pinnacle of quality and performance. Immerse yourself in the stunning aesthetics of its high-gloss UV-resistant clear coat finish, meticulously applied in multiple layers for exceptional durability.

Inspired by the weight-saving principles of motorsport excellence, our diffuser is created through the precise autoclave vacuum forming process. This technique ensures unmatched strength, impeccable fitment, and an astonishingly light carbon fiber construction. Experience the epitome of engineering precision.

Dry carbon fiber represents the pinnacle of carbon fiber production, embodying the highest standards of quality. Its name is derived from the manufacturing process itself. Each carbon fiber strand is meticulously impregnated with resin (pre-preg) and then meticulously placed in a mold, entering a sealed vacuum (autoclave) for proper curing. This method minimizes waste and results in an even lighter carbon fiber variant than the "wet" method. Thanks to the autoclave vacuuming process, our dry carbon diffuser boasts a flawless surface with minimal pinholes and no air pockets.

The AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Performante Rear Diffuser comes complete with durable and precise mounting clips, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. With our advanced autoclave technology at its core, it represents the perfect blend of lightweight construction, exceptional durability, and precise fitment.

Elevate your BMW G87 M2 to new heights with the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Performante Rear Diffuser. Prepare to leave an indelible mark of sophistication and performance on the road.

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