AutoTecknic G87 M2 Dry Carbon Center Bumper Trim

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Enhance the front end of your G87 M2 with AutoTecknic's dry carbon fiber center bumper trim, adding a touch of racing-inspired style to your iconic M. Transform the gloss black front facia of your G87 M2 with the striking look of pre-preg carbon fiber. AutoTecknic's solution is tailored to enhance the car's aesthetics and address design elements that may not resonate with everyone. While the G87 M2 has garnered both praise and critique for its exterior design, we've focused on refining its appearance through our high-quality carbon fiber enhancement.

Our dry carbon fiber is crafted using a meticulous process that minimizes waste and results in a lighter yet durable material. Through a sealed vacuum process known as autoclave, we create a superior version of carbon fiber that's free from imperfections like air pockets. The result is a premium product that reflects the high standards of your BMW. Experience the race-inspired refinement and elegance that only AutoTecknic's carbon fiber solutions can deliver.

Upgrade your G87 M2 with the precision and craftsmanship of AutoTecknic's dry carbon fiber center bumper trim, and enjoy a distinctive look that resonates with BMW enthusiasts.

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