ADRO C8 Corvette Carbon Front Lip

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The ADRO C8 Corvette front lip is made completely from dry carbon fiber and molded to the perfect complimentary shape for the front bumper of the C8 Corvette. Not only does the carbon fiber construction give the Corvette front lip an exotic look, but it also looks as though it could be an OEM option, and fit like one too. This C8 Corvette carbon fiber front lip is incredibly easy to install and will make a world of difference in the front-end appearance of your Corvette.

This premium body kit is manufactured from 100% genuine prepreg carbon fiber and is ultra-lightweight with maximum durability and quality. Commonly used in high-end race cars and supercars, prepreg (aka dry) carbon fiber is now available for drivers looking for the very best.

Applications: C8 Corvette

Included in the Kit:

  • 1 Pre-preg Carbon Front Lip
  • 3M tape
  • Hardware
  • 1 Installation manual

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