Fall-Line Motorsports BMW Rear Camber Shim Kit


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Product Description:

Maximize your high-performance driving experience with the Fall-Line Motorsports Rear Camber Shim Kit, proudly Made in the USA. Achieve precise rear camber and toe adjustments to enhance your car's handling and responsiveness.

Key Features:

  • Rigid camber shims for precise camber adjustments
  • Choose from 5 shim offsets for customization
  • Can be used in normal or flipped orientation for 9 different positions
  • Ensures no alignment changes, even in extreme driving conditions

When it comes to high-performance driving, achieving proper rear camber and toe settings can yield significant results. The rear subframe's rigid mounting and minimal rubber bushings in the rear of the car mean that alignment changes have a direct impact on your car's behavior and can be immediately felt. While the factory eccentric suspension bolts offer some adjustment range, they may not provide the perfect solution.

Fall-Line's camber shims offer a precise solution. They allow technicians to select from 5 shim offsets for fine-tuning camber settings. These shims can be installed in either the normal or flipped orientation, resulting in 9 different positions with 1mm increments. This level of customization ensures an exact camber setting and guarantees no change in alignment, even in the most demanding driving conditions.


  • G8X M3 / M4
  • F8X M3 / M4
  • G87 M2
  • F87 M2
  • E92 M3
  • E82 1M

Alternate SKU's:

  • FLM-F87-1BSHM
  • FLM-E82-1BSHM

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