KW Coilover A90 Supra - Variant 3

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KW Variant 3: Race technology for the road, with adjustable compression and rebound dampening.
State of the art motorsport technology enables better performance on the streets. The independently adjustable compression and rebound dampening allows for custom driving setups.
The exclusive KW patented system has dual level valves that allow for adjustment of the rebound dampening for your road comfort and the compression dampening that controls the driving dynamics.



  • Rebound and compression damping adjustable damper technology
  • Stainless steel technology inox-line
  • Individual, continuous lowering
  • Tested adjustment range
  • High-quality components for a long life
  • Complete documentation for an easy handling
  • Adjustable rebound damping with 16 exact clicks
  • Adjustable compression damping with 12 exact clicks
  • Unique, independent from each other working damping force adjustment



KW cancellation kits for electronic damper adjustment

- Avoids error messages when changing the suspension
- Only the standard damper control is shut down and at the same time it prevents error messages
- Functions of the control unit remain fully
- Can also be used for other manufacturers and OE aftermarket suspensions separately


Listing of all vehicles this part can be used with

Manufacturer Model Type Engine
BMW Z4 Roadster (G29) (03/2019-) G29 M40 i
BMW Z4 Roadster (G29) (03/2019-) G29 sDrive 20 i
BMW Z4 Roadster (G29) (03/2019-) G29 sDrive 20 i
BMW Z4 Roadster (G29) (03/2019-) G29 sDrive 30 i
TOYOTA SUPRA (DB_) (03/2019-) DB_ 2.0 (DB22, DB21)
TOYOTA SUPRA (DB_) (03/2019-) DB_ 2.0 (DB82, DB81)
TOYOTA SUPRA (DB_) (03/2019-) DB_ 3.0 GR (DB41, DB42)




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