KMP F8X M3 / M4 Rear Differential Bracket + Bushing Set


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The factory M3 / M4 differential bracket, despite the F8X's power figures, only has one rear mounting point. Under sustained load during track use or for F8X cars making much higher horsepower than stock, KMP's aluminum bracket will add much needed strength to cope with the additional forces going through your differential.

Most of the time, this strengthening bracket is coupled with KMP's diff mount set to add rigidity and reduce drivetrain slop from the OEM rubber mounts. Because of their polymer construction and a clever sliding bushing design (versus a rigid mount), these KMP bushings are suitable for both street and track use—offering up the main benefits of a solid bushing, without taking on all of the harshness.

Product Details:

  • Fits all F8X M2 / M2 Competition / M3 / M4
  • Reduces drivetrain slop and reinforces inadequate OEM bracket mounting to cope with motorsport use / high horsepower
  • Package set includes: aluminum diff bracket (1), rear sliding bushings (2), front sliding bushings(2), and aluminum bushings (2)

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