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Create an atmosphere in your BMW that is made for you and you alone. With the right fragrance, your entire driving experience will transform. You’ll never have to worry about fitment either; the Natural Air holder fits perfectly into your choice of air vents. The Natural Air starter kit comes with 1 Natural Air holder and 1 Sparkling Raindrops scent stick.

NOTE: Air Starter Kit now comes in BLACK FINISH ONLY.

Optional: BMW Natural Air Refill Sticks allows you to refill you Natural Air Freshener with the fragrance that fits your mood and lifestyle. 3 Refill Sticks per package. Choose one of the following natural fragrances that best fits you and your BMW:

NLA - Purifying Green Tea: This fragrance’s main components are green tea and musk. With a fresh and fruity touch, this calming scent has a balancing effect.

NLA - Energizing Tonic: With the lively scent of eucalyptus and rosemary, this fragrance will perk you up the second you get in your BMW. It has a discreetly spicy note and a stimulating effect.

NLA - Balancing Amber: Treat your car to something sweet with that extra touch of spice. This fragrance’s main components are exotic flowers and different spices, providing a warm atmosphere.

NLA - Vitalizing Woods: Nothing is quite as energizing as the woods. This fragrance’s main components are slightly woody elements, refreshing orange, and a discreet vanilla. It gives off an encouraging aura with a warm-hearted basic note.

NLA - Harmonizing Flowers: Bring some extra wellness into your day. The main components are jasmine and myrtle, for a subtly sweet scent that encourages wellbeing.

Sparkling Raindrops: Bright and refreshing, this fragrance is perfect if you need a pick-me-up. Its main components are citrus, lily of the valley and a complex blend of musk, to give you that burst of freshness.

Replaces BMW Part 83122463053

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