Winter Beast

Winter Beast

IND is known for our E9x M3 Portfolio Project cars, but in reality we are not biased and are car enthusiasts at heart. We’ve created quite a few Audi, Lamborghini, and Mercedes cars for our clients as well.

Our client is a true car enthusiast also, and loves many marques. His summer car is a modified Audi R8 V10, but knew he had to make a more practical purchase to get him through the always brutal Chicago winter.

Although his new CLS63 AMG was already a work of art directly from Mercedes, our client had to make a few additions to make the car right for his style. Just after taking delivery of the car, our client headed to IND for help with his new daily driver.

We addressed the car’s ride height by adding a KW adjustable suspension kit, and then added 5mm front and 10mm rear wheel spacers to the original AMG wheels, which we refinished in black with a subtle white AMG lettering.

We augmented the low super sedan’s already sleek lines by painting the roof black, and adding black trim pieces to match. The AMG logo received a custom red accent for an additional level of detail. The original exhaust tips were coated in a high-temperature ceramic black finish as well.

IND called upon the tuning expertise of RennTech to increase the car’s already formidable power output, although our client will be using the right pedal sparingly until next summer.

Although Chicago’s hellish winters do not leave much opportunity to enjoy a modified car, we can count on this CLS to keep our client warm, safe, and in style until next summer comes.

Enjoy the photos!

6501973661_6e8f823140_b.jpg (1024×683)

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