White Balance: F80 M3 by IND

White Balance: F80 M3 by IND

Over the years all of us at IND have been extremely fortunate to work with enthusiasts from around the world. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know how fun modifying your car can be and our goal has always been to maintain that enthusiasm through the entire process. User FinalV8 approached us in late June. The correspondence began on the heels of his F80 M3 allocation and quickly escalated to an in person visit at our facility. Coming from the E9X chassis and hearing the F80 M3 in person, he knew the exhaust was an immediate priority. Although not yet available, it was quickly decided that the Eisenmann would be the system for his project.

The overall theme of this project was focused on accenting the boisterous lines of the F80 chassis all the while bringing a little extra style to the M3. The wheel wells were tastefully filled with a set of 20″ HRE P101’s in a gloss black finish. The M3 was then brought down to earth via the KW H.A.S. kit. The goal of the H.A.S. kit was to maintain the EDC functionality and provide the car with a dialed in ride height. In preparation for the Eisenmann signature tips, an RKP rear diffuser in 2×2 weave was installed. Along with the gloss black cosmetic pieces, the M Performance and RKP bits bring a menacing element to this daily driven beast.

Next on the list is the Eisenmann Heritage system with a resonated center section. The exhaust will bring the sound to match the personality of the car. Although our weather in the Midwest is never guaranteed, we hope to have videos of this beast plowing through the crisp fall air shortly.

  • RKP rear diffuser with 2×2 weave
  • BMW M Performance carbon splitters with lower lip partition
  • BMW M Performance trunk spoiler
  • Gloss black front grill set
  • Gloss black side grill set
  • Color-matched front reflectors
  • Gloss black trunk badge
  • KW H.A.S. kit
  • HRE P101 20″ with gloss black finish
  • Eisenmann Heritage Exhaust system with Resonated Center Pipes **Coming Soon**

Link to Bimmerpost Thread

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