Welcome to Evaero

Eventuri’s years of accrued experience in high quality carbon manufacturing and design have birthed a new venture: carbon aero styling parts. These all new components represent a welcomed entry to an otherwise stagnant field—Evaero will mesh Eventuri’s standing commitment to excellence with bold, exciting design cues.

Appropriately enough, Evaero’s stirring style will debut as a complete suite for one of the most popular platforms in the BMW aftermarket: the F8X M3 / M4. A rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, front splitter, and a daring front vent set aim to redefine and reimagine the established aesthetic. If these parts are any indication of Evaero’s prowess, we are immensely excited for what they have in store for future models. Upcoming ranges will include aerodynamic components for A90 Supra, Tesla Model 3, GR Yaris, and the G8X M3 / M4.

IND is extremely proud to be the sole North American distributor for the new brand. The F8X M3 / M4 suite is now available for pre-order with the first kits landing in four weeks. Please contact an IND representative with any questions or to place your order.

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