Top 8: IND Key Rings to Accessorize Your Fob

As car technology has evolved, keys have followed suit—transforming from simple mechanical tools to quite literally crank your engine to life, into mini devices all their own.


BMW M Logo Key Ring


Simple and clean. Part of the official BMW M collection, this key ring features an iconic high polished “M” logo atop a silver steel base—the perfect sporting accessory to your key without adding bulk.


BMW Display Key Case

BMW Display Key Case

The latest and greatest BMW keys feature a large 2.2” LCD touchscreen display which allows you to reference pertinent information at a glance (fuel level, door and window status, weather, service info, etc.). It does, of course, also offer up more conventional key functions like remote start and locking/unlocking.

All these functions aside, that gorgeous screen begs for protection and this BMW-bred case will do just that. Pop the top and your key will slide right out when you need it.


Montblanc BMW Car Key Sleeve


Designed for similar display keys, Montblanc has spawned their own version with calfskin leather and a lavish inner lining. Unlike the BMW version, Montblanc’s sleeve comes with a screen cutout so you’re able to easily reference info on your key without removing it from the case. The back features is subtlety adorned with Montblanc’s logo and a palladium-plated ring for that extra luxurious touch.


BMW M Performance Alcantara Key Case

The sporting combination of Alcantara and carbon fiber is the perfect complement to your M car. Designed for use with F or G-Series keys, your fob rotates out as necessary from the sleeve, revealing a bold Bavarian Blue liner. As a soft case, you won’t have to worry about it scratching anything else that may have to share its pocket space, namely your phone.


BMW Motorsport Bear Keychain

This won’t win any awards for space-saving design, but it’s certainly the cutest keychain we currently offer. The BMW Motorsport bear is all dressed up in race gear and ready to cruise—it affixes to your key via loop and a nickel-free carabiner ring.

If it never makes it to your key, it makes for a great gift or a backpack attachment for the young BMW M enthusiast in your family.


IND Logo Key Ring

Cut from a single piece of aluminum, the IND logo is front and center. For owners who are all about color coordination, you’re able to select a paint color to match your car. A perfect IND accessory for BMW fans.


3D Design Leather Key Ring

3D Design is synonymous with style and their leather key ring is no exception. Available in either black or white leather, each feature a handsome contrast stitch and completely envelop your key into its confines. These cases are available in three sizes (A, B, or C) to help suit a wide array of BMW enthusiasts through the years.


BBS RS Key Ring


There is perhaps nothing more iconic in the wheel world than the BBS RS—it helped put BBS firmly on the map as a popular, lightweight 3-piece option for race teams the world over. Today, you’re able to celebrate some of that history with a bit of RS for your pocket. Each center is painted the equally iconic BBS gold for that perfect pop of color.


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