Top 5: Best First Mods for the F95 X5M

As its first legitimate SUV, the X5 has always represented an icon amidst the BMW lineup. The introduction of the F95 X5M came with high hopes and it has, in every definition of the word, shattered every perceivable expectation. Indeed in factory form, this newest X5M is a marvel, but as we know, stock gets old fast. While many X5M owners will have to wait for a more expansive mod catalog to launch, we’re fortunate to carry a generous helping of mods to make yours stand out from the crowd right away.

IND F95 X5M Appearance Package

As the title suggests, this Appearance Package includes a variety of goodies suited to maximize visual impact: MSS’s height adjustable spring kit, IND front and rear painted reflectors, and Future Classic’s 5x112 wheel spacers. Ride quality is substantially improved with the MSS kit and FC’s renowned spacers further enhance the X5M’s now menacing demeanor. Of course, no cosmetic enhancement is complete without IND’s staples: the painted front and rear reflector sets remove some of the most glaring eyesores on the car and contribute to a much sleeker exterior.

IND G05 X5 / F95 X5M Painted Rear Wiper Arm Assembly

As cars continuve to evolve, so too do our expectations for fit and finish, technology, and luxury amenities. The G05 X5 / F95 X5M is certainly another big step forward in all three of these aims; the Competition trim at the top of the X5 lineup adds a generous helping of gloss black cosmetic factory enhancements, which provides a distinguished and sporty air to BMW’s newest M SAV.

Despite all of BMW’s efforts, there remains one item overlooked and as such, it sticks out like an eyesore amidst all of the gloss accents throughout: the rear wiper arm. IND aims to remedy this oversight by offering the enthusiast community a handsome painted variant—gloss black was chosen to accurately compliment the rest of the vehicle. The overall effect is substantial and befits the upscale aesthetic that the G05 X5 / F95 X5M exudes.

BMW M Performance F95 X5M Carbon Engine Cover

You simply cannot argue that carbon fiber adds a little special something to the engine bay. Although the factory cover has subtle carbon trimmings, it just lacks the panache that the X5M should exude. As you might imagine, BMW is first to the punch to offer an M Performance upgrade: this all-carbon cover is a direct replacement for the lackluster OEM piece. The 2x2 gloss carbon is accented with tri-color striping throughout for that extra touch of M prowess.

3D Design F95 X5M / F96 X6M Carbon Shift Paddle Set

3D Paddles with Red Accents shown in IND F97 X3M for reference

By now, you’re no stranger to 3D Design—they’ve produced some of the most coveted components for over two decades—and their dry carbon shift paddle set is one of the newest additions to that proud catalog. Each set is beautifully adorned with a touch of color on the recessed edge, upshift (+), and downshift (-) symbols. Silver is a perfect subtle touch and coordinates well with the silver OEM steering wheel trim, while red adds a bit of bold, sporting character and flows seamlessly with the factory red accents. Either way, they are a treat to use and make your X5M feel that much more special.

BMW Floating Wheel Center Cap Set

Shown installed on G05 X5 for reference

Let’s be honest: the F95 feels like an extremely upscale vehicle. As a trickle-down from the Rolls Royce, these floating center caps feel like they just belong on the X5M. As a clever two-piece design, the BMW roundel remains fixed in an upright position as the wheel rotates. As a genuine BMW accessory, they are a direct replacement for the 56mm OE caps and are, courtesy of IND, also available with painted rings or with carbon accents should you prefer that aesthetic.





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