Top 10 Rare BMW Parts - Black Friday 2022 Edition

There's nothing better than finding that unique, hard to source part for your BMW. Let IND make it easy on you with some of our rare BMW parts sourced from all over the globe. Here is a list of some of the rarest BMW parts that are in stock at IND for Black Friday 2022:

Spain: Karbonius G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Carbon Front Strut Brace

Karbonius has taken it upon themselves to fully redesign the G8x factory front strut brace and replace it with an autoclave cured, 100% Prepreg carbon fiber tubular system, thus reducing the joints and possible weak points. Unlike most other G8x strut braces on the market, the unique 1-piece v-brace doesn't use weaker multi-piece jointed designs or off-the shelf carbon tubes inserted into chassis mounts.

In addition to increasing rigidity, Karbonius has also shaved over 5.5lbs of weight when compared to the factory piece. Besides the performance benefits, the enhanced aesthetic is almost worth it on it's own, it may just rival the beauty of the factory F8x carbon brace.

Russia: Slon Workshop F8X M2 / M3 / M4 Carbon Rear Strengthening Wall

This carbon fiber wall allows you to significantly improve handling and control by increasing the rigidity of the body without installing a roll cage. Despite the fact that this is motorsport part, it is made with love and attention to detail, pursuing not only the functional component, but the aesthetic details as well. The carbon rear wall looks exceptional, with a large M logo built into the carbon structure.

Netherlands: KMP F8X M2C / M3 / M4 Racing Wheel + Quick-Release Hub Kit - DCT

The plug and play BMW F8X M3 / M4 Racing wheel has four different button layouts. This version is fully configured with four native button functions: M1, M2, horn, and DTC. The complete assembly comes with an F8X hub, quick release, OMP racing wheel and all necessary electronics. Because of their plug and play considerations, the KMP steering wheel is also devoid of any pesky error messages from the ECU, airbag, or controller. OEM equipment is easily fitted back into the car where necessary.

Operation of the KMP wheel echoes OE in paddle placement, but each paddle pull (and button push) comes with a decidedly more mechanical and confidence-inspiring feel. Alcantara wraps the smaller 330mm wheel in its entirety, ensuring optimal grip in all driving situations and quicker response over the stock unit. A yellow motorsport stripe adorns the wheel at 12 o'clock as a perfect finishing touch.

Germany: BMW Motorsport M2 CS Racing Carbon Wing

IND is proud to offer one of the latest BMW Motorsport wings, as featured on the F87 M2 CS Racing. With this car, BMW Motorsport continues its tradition of close-to-production vehicles; however a unique element is the all-new rear wing design on the M2 CS Racing. Take your passion for Motorsport to the next level with this genuine racing rear wing.

United Kingdom: Eventuri BMW E9X M3 (S65) Black Carbon Inlet Plenum - Gloss

Made from 100% high grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets, this plenum replaces the stock plastic version and unleashes the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine. Since the trumpet lengths are tuned by BMW to the internal volume, changing this could result in a loss of performance so we kept the same volume to not upset the way the car drives in terms of power delivery. Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level. The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates an almost unbelievable induction volume and tone.

Germany: KW Coilover G8X M3 / M4 AWD with EDC Cancellation Kit - Variant 4

The KW Variant 4 was developed exclusively for supercars, sports cars and performance oriented sedans. With coilover struts made from stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the vehicle design, you give your super-sports car the necessary equipment to further increase the driving dynamics in everyday life. The triple-adjustable high-performance dampers combine leading race technology to allow the independent adjustment of the rebound and the low-speed and high-speed compression damping.

Made in USA for BBS Germany: BBS M12x1.5 Closed-End Racing Lug Set - Titanium Blue

We are proud to offer the BMW community another very special BBS accessory—the Titanium Blue M12 lug nut set. Like its limited-edition Black Chrome predecessor, these blue lugs are designed for M12x1.5 cars. Each lug nut (except the locking nuts) are two-pieces, allowing a much tighter hold versus traditional nuts while also protecting your wheels from scratches.

The lugs are finished in vibrant, burnt blue titanium finish and proudly adorned with the BBS logo. For extra peace of mind, two wheel locks are included in every set.

Poland: Sterckenn G8X M3 / M4 Carbon Front Splitter

Sterckenn 3D scanned the new G8X front valence in order to achieve superior fitment and quality with their design. Once the dimensions were available, the front splitter was carefully modeled in CAD to achieve a result that runs in parallel with Sterckenn's design language. The splitter gives a sophisticated design while maintaining standard ground clearance.

As before, we’re quite fond of the modular approach—the trio of pieces accentuate the aggressive nature of the new G8X bumper while the modularity allows you are able to replace components as necessary should any of them become damaged over time.

Germany: Eisenmann E92 / E93 M3 Black Series Performance Exhaust

Eisenmann's BMW E92 M3 exhaust system features 4x83mm LeMans tips, sport or race sound options, and Eisenmann's trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM. The Eisenmann Race performance offers a deep throaty exotic tone. This dyno proven system put down 16hp, and 11lb-ft of torque and is handmade in Germany.

The special Black Series exhaust systems come in a high temp black ceramic coating for that ultimate stealth look!

United Kingdom: Storm Motorwerks E9X M3 Illuminated DCT Shift Paddle Set

Storm Motorwerks are proud to present the most luxurious E9X DCT Paddles ever to be made. CNC machined and laser cut from billet aluminum, these E9X shift paddles have been designed and developed with the feedback and input from fellow enthusiasts. Each set is hand assembled and finished to ensure no detail is missed.

We have incorporated self powered illumination into our paddles. No need for an external power source so no wiring required. Since the illumination is not with LEDs - the light is a subtle glow rather than a sharp distracting light allowing you to maintain focus on the road. The light itself is amber in color to match the E9X M3 dash.

The rear of the paddles feature a machined a constant chamfer all the way around which mates with the chamfer on the paddles providing a comfortable surface for shifting with your fingertips. Easily the best E9X M3 DCT Paddles on the market!

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