Top 10 Mods You Can Get RIGHT NOW

IND G8X M3 / M4 Painted Front Reflector Set

They may be small, but once you see a BMW with these installed, you’ll know how big of a difference these make. This quintessential first mod should come as no surprise as the first on this list—we’ve worked incredibly hard to always keep this popular upgrade in stock for every new BMW and G8X owners are eager to make their M3 / M4 stand apart from the jump.

IND F97 X3M Essential Kit

Building upon our ever-popular painted front reflectors, the Essential Kit for F97 X3M strives to make the most dramatic visual impact to your MSAV in one, convenient package. Included in this exclusive IND bundle are some of our most popular staple products: Acexxon rear reflector inserts, IND painted front reflectors, and two sets of Future Classic spacers (front and rear).

BMW Metal Valve Stem Cap Set - M Logo

A cut above—BMW has crafted an all-new metal valve stem cap that adds an extra premium feel for those who obsess over all the little details. Compared to the plastic versions, the metal caps have a much more chiseled aesthetic while also boasting a noticeably shorter, sportier height.

BMW M Performance F-Chassis Carbon Shift Knob Cover - DCT Only

Modern BMWs—especially M cars—are chock full of carbon fiber accents. Suspiciously, there is only area often neglected from the factory: the DCT shift knob. The carbon knob befits BMW M’s sporting pedigree and makes shifting a real treat. IND has made a point to keep these upgrades in stock—it’s a part that can arrive in a hurry and install in a matter of minutes.

BMW M Performance Tire Bags

Whether you are swapping to winter tires or are just an enthusiast with a growing wheel collection, these BMW M Performance tire bags store your unused wheels in style. While M Performance in bold lettering occupy one side, the iconic M colors along with a handy wheel indicator adorn the other, allowing you to forego the labeling chalk that plagued our youthful days.

IND 15 Year Anniversary Gelbgrun M2 Swag Capsule

When it comes to cars, the Gelbgrun M2 has become virtually synonymous with IND. It was only fitting that part of our 15th year anniversary celebration recognize the iconic M2 build—a t-shirt, sticker pack, and 6-panel snapback hat are available as a complete set below—an absolutely must for the avid IND fan.

Goldenwrench x IND Limited Edition BMW M Oil Cap Cover

A unique collaboration between Goldenwrench and IND, these limited edition BMW oil cap covers serve as another way to celebrate IND’s 15th year in the aftermarket. This CNC billet cap cover features a unique, stainless IND inlay that stands out against its the custom IND Painted exterior and installs in seconds. Limited to 100 pieces.

Eventuri F9X X3M / X4M Panel Filter Replacement Set

The S58’s brute force hasn’t stopped any aftermarket company from trying to extract more power and Eventuri is no exception. The Eventuri panel filters are made using the same design philosophy of their full carbon fiber intake systems: cutting edge design, rigorous testing and prototyping methods. The result is more performance from a name synonymous with delivering exactly that.

IND F87 M2 Matte Carbon Stitched 6MT Boot

The M2 continues to be the rawest example in BMW’s current lineup and a Top 10 list would be incomplete without a mod for the three-pedal purists. The M Performance matte carbon shift knob is paired with an Alcantara boot that has been stitched with either Sunset Orange or Polar Blue thread to echo the M2’s factory interior accent colors. The perfect enthusiast’s touch.

3D Design Power Steering Reservoir Attachment

Speaking of enthusiast mods, 3D’s power steering reservoir attachment is a must have for late model BMWs. The additional headroom not only safeguards against messy engine compartments, but also guarantees a consistent steering feel—since there is enough area for the fluid to travel, there is no cavitation between air and fluid, resulting in driving confidence in the most extreme conditions.

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