Top 10 Mods: What's Hot Right Now (July 2020)

Modding your car is all about self-expression, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. Here at IND, we have made it a mission to only offer the highest quality components to ensure our clients receive parts that perform as good as they look. Here are some of the most popular mods / accessories of the moment to help offer up a little inspiration for your builds. 

RKP F97 X3M / F98 X4M Carbon Front Lip

RKP’s F97 X3M carbon front lip is perhaps the perfect realization of the quote “good things come to those who wait”—it is, by far and away, a masterpiece of design and manufacturing and almost immediately one of our favorite front lip options for the new M SUV. Once installed, you’re able to appreciate the intricate details even more—the RKP lip features deep center and side channeling to preserve adequate airflow to the oil cooler and brake rotor area. To make installation a breeze, the contact points for each lip are pre-fashioned with double-sided tape and seemingly espouse the OEM bumper. Perfect.


Eventuri E9X M3 (S65) Carbon Plenum

If it made you sad that BMW never made an E9X M3 CSL after hearing an E46 carbon airbox howl on YouTube, Eventuri’s carbon intake plenum will definitely help you feel better.  Made from 100% high grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets, this plenum replaces the stock plastic version and unleashes the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine—something that we may never get to enjoy again.


BMW Heritage 1:18 Diecast Cars

Speaking of BMW’s proud history, we are incredibly happy to offer a handful of diecast cars from BMW’s heritage line—the E26 M1 (as shown here), E30 M3, and E9 3.0 CSL. Okay sure these aren’t mods persay, but as enthusiasts these cars are something we can certainly appreciate. These homages are all adorned in iconic BMW livery and feature an impressive amount of detail at their 1:18 scale. These have been super popular of late and won’t last long.


IND G-Series F97 X3M Mirror Retrofit

M Mirrors have been coveted by BMW fans for generations. For current X-Series owners, we are happy to report that the sleek F97 X3M mirrors will retrofit onto G01, G05, and G07 cars using all OEM components. We have put together a convenient package to do just that, allowing you to select your mirror cap color of choice for a true plug and play solution.


BMW M Performance Tire Tote Set

The Ultimate Storage Solution for the Ultimate Driving Machine. Gone are the days of accepting garbage bags as viable wheel and tire storage—there is now a dedicated solution straight from BMW.

The heavy-duty nylon bags are lined with velcro and feature a convenient grip handle, allowing you to stow your wheel and tire package securely. This M Performance wheel tote bag set will ensure your seasonal wheels will be stored in style.


RKP E46 M3 Carbon Roof Panel

When the E46 M3 CSL was released, one of the central talking points of the vehicle was the cutting-edge weight saving technologies that were utilized in its construction and RKP was amongst the first to produce a carbon roof retrofit for the masses.

RKP’s E46 M3 roof has been having quite a resurgence of late and for good reason—it is a beauty to behold, rivals OEM quality, and is also available in either 1x1 or 2x2 carbon weave patterns depending on your personal preference.


IND E60 M5 Painted Front Reflector Set

Speaking of resurgence, we’ve been seeing a large influx of E60 M5 customers of late. Although all of our in-house cosmetic upgrades have been hugely popular for the E60, our front reflectors are certainly amongst the most frequently purchased. Just like the rest of our meticulously painted reflector line, we use OEM cores to guarantee a perfect fit.


IND G20 3-Series Painted Mirror Cap Set

Almost on the complete opposite end from E60, our G20 3-Series painted mirror caps are garnering a lot of attention. While M-Sport owners have opted to replace their factory caps with paint-matched versions, we see a lot of base G20 customers opting for gloss black to add a sporting touch to their exterior. Whatever your personal preference, IND can take care of you and, just like the rest of our painted parts, will come with a paint match guarantee.  


Eventuri A90 Supra Carbon Intake

More than just a piece of engine bay jewelry, the Eventuri A90 Supra carbon intake packs some impressive engineering punch to net real-world power gains. Their airbox is the largest that space would allow and actually features a really nice built-in recess to accommodate strut brace installation. Pretty nice consideration. Inside the housing you’ll find a custom made high-flow dry filter that, despite its better performance will also filter more efficiently as well.


IND F87 M2 Essential Kit

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Fortunately for the F87 M2 and M2 Competition community, we have assembled an Essentials Kit to get your build started off right. Included in this bundle are some of our most popular staple products: Acexxon rear reflector inserts, IND painted front reflectors, and two sets of Future Classic spacers (front and rear) to help make the most dramatic difference for your M car.


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