Top 10 Mods for the G8X M3 / M4

IND G8X M3 / M4 Painted Front Reflector Set

It can’t be understated—IND’s painted front reflectors are an absolute MUST do on any new car. Since IND’s paint standard is applied onto OEM cores, both fitment and color are guaranteed to be spot on. No better way to get your build started on the right foot.

IND G8X M3 / M4 Carbon Side Marker Set

Opt for BMW’s carbon package from the factory and you’re treated to a slew of accents that garnish the G8X’s muscular exterior. That is, except for one area: the side marker. It’s a strange omission, but IND has you covered.

Rather than just offer the BMW M Performance pieces as-is, you can also option IND painted strakes which add a pop of color to an otherwise spartan accessory. These side markers are available for both coupe and sedan.

Indiv G8X M3 / M4 Carbon Air Vent (for LHD Vehicles)

Speaking of BMW’s omissions, the carbon interior trim on every G8X doesn’t extend throughout the entire dash (once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it). It’s strange and we don’t like it. Mercifully, we weren’t alone in our displeasure—Indiv has created a beautiful, easy to install solution using a genuine BMW core and pre-preg carbon.

Fall-Line Motorsports G8X M3 / M4 Oil Cooler Guard


When BMW first fashioned the F8X’s oil cooler the bottom of the car, we cringed at the possible catastrophes that could result from even moderate impact. Fortunately, Fall-Line Motorsports made quick work of designing a solution. Indeed the same plight (and solution) exists for the G8X and it has risen into our Top 10 list in short order.

BMW M Performance G8X M3 / M4 Carbon Front Lip

IND has prided itself on access since our inception and those benefits have afforded us the opportunity to be amongst the first with the M Performance carbon front lip for the G8X. Fashioned to either M3 or M4, the lip visually completes the front fascia wonderfully and looks the absolute business with the M Performance air inlets as well.

KW Suspensions G8X M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Spring Kit

Height adjustable spring kits have become an increasingly popular suspension option now that EDC dampers are standard on performance vehicles like the M3 / M4. A happy medium between conventional springs and a full blown coilover system, the KW HAS kits afford you the luxury of height adjustability without the ride harshness you’d typically find with simple coil replacements.

IND G8X M3 / M4 Tri-Color Stitched Shift Boot

The manual transmission may be going the way of the dodo bird soon enough. But while it’s still around, IND is doing its part to provide purists with as many options as possible. Our ever-popular trim-color stitched shift boots use an OEM base for precise fitment are available in both leather and Alcantara to boot (no pun intended).

Future Classic M14 Titanium Stud Conversion

Titanium wheel fasteners have long been used by exotic manufacturers like Ferrari, shaving precious rotational mass from the car to increase street performance. Couple the natural properties of the material with the convenience of studs to make wheel mounting infinitely easier, and it’s easy to understand why Future Classic’c titanium studs have been a popular upgrade for the G8X from the jump.

Just like Future Classic’s 5x120 version, the 5x112 FC wheel spacer is not only a visual treat but a marvel to handle—its machining and finishing work reflects their commitment to detail, every piece of it feels engineered and massaged to the tightest tolerances. As such, they are devoid of all the typical spacer issues and their credo echoes BMW’s own promise to craft products for the true driving enthusiast. They’ve easily become amongst our most requested products over the past few years.

BMW G8X M3 / M4 Competition Trunk Emblem

G8X owners who absolutely needed to have a manual transmission were robbed of not only a bit more power, but some visual upgrades that came standard on the Competition model. IND is here to level the playing field a bit and offer gloss black trunk emblems for both M3 and M4 models alike.

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