Top 10 Mods for the E9X M3

If you're looking for a batch of products to completely transform your E9X M3; look no further as we've put together a Top 10 list of some of the best items available for your vehicle!

Eventuri BMW E9X M3 (S65) Black Carbon Inlet Plenum

If you’re looking to make your S65 sound even better, the Eventuri carbon fiber plenum will make a drastic difference in your engine tone. You’ll hear a throatier and deeper note from inside the cabin under full throttle, along with a large difference outside the car.

The S65 V8 in the E9X M3 offers a fantastic exhaust note, which can be overpowering at times if you have a cat-less setup, or your primary cats deleted. When you pair an exhaust that keeps your cats, or offers a high flow cat system, you’ll be able to hear the induction noise from this plenum at a much louder tone.

With this plenum you’ll end up with a beautiful CSL style noise that becomes intoxicating after getting the plenum installed. Depending on your driving style, you’ll really enjoy hearing your car at high RPM’s where the induction noise really shines.

Our favorite feature about this setup is that you’re able to display the S65 at car shows, gatherings and in photographs in a way that stands out from many others. The gloss carbon fiber finish really stands out in the sunlight and helps this engine bay come to life.

You get the best of both worlds where your driving experience changes, your M3 has a much deeper and throatier sound and it looks absolutely stunning when you pop up your hood.

Eisenmann E9X M3 Performance Exhaust

There've been many attempts at making the E9X M3 sound better, but there’s not many who’ve managed to do it as well as Eisenmann. These exhausts are handmade in Germany and give the S65 a stunning sound that isn’t too aggressive, yet brings the M3 to life.

The history of Eisenmann speaks for itself, especially when they’ve designed OEM systems for Porsche and AMG’s.

With this system you can gain up to 16hp and 11lb-ft of torque, which can make a difference on an NA V8. When you start to modify the exhaust note on these cars, you may end up having a car that is violently loud or too much for your liking.

When you link this system to your stock X-Pipe, it won’t be over the top. It’s enough to make you excited to go for that canyon drive or Sunday afternoon cruise without being obnoxious.

Eisenmann offers two versions of this exhaust which includes a race version and sport version. Race will give you a louder note, along with 32% improvement of flow over stock. With the sport version you’ll get a quieter note, but still an improvement of 25% improvement flow over stock.

If you’re looking for a high-quality exhaust system that will give you a nice power increase, more air flow and help wake up that screaming V8, this is the proper setup for you.

IND E9X M3 Painted Front Reflector Set

When you first take delivery of your M3, it’s most likely going to have orange reflectors on the front bumper. This can be super distracting when you’re taking photos of the car for social media, or you’re just admiring it in the garage. The last thing you want is to have anything that sticks out like sore thumb on your car, so paint matched reflectors can be a great way to improve the look of your car.

The process of buying reflectors from IND is that you’re going to get perfectly paint matched reflectors that won’t look “off” when you install them. Each reflector is hand sanded, primed, painted and cleared. They’re also sealed off for ultimate protection and to stay cleaner for much longer.

Another popular mod that we see often is to have your bumper shaved, but this process takes much more time and effort. That’s why we see our reflector set sell so often due to the ease of installation and how much of a difference it can really make on your car.

All you have to do is browse through the vehicle color choices, find your color and press order. There’s a wide variety of factory colors that will match your paint flawlessly.

Future Classic - BMW 5x120 Wheel Spacer Kit - 12mm Lug

If you’ve ever noticed that your wheels look a bit sunken in, Future Classic offers a wheel spacer kit to help bring those wheels out much further to fill that gap. There’s nothing like having these large fenders on the E9X M3 and not being able to fill them properly. When you’re able to create a flush fitment on your car, it’ll really set off the look to make it feel completed.

When you look at your car from the back, you’re most likely going to see that the wheels just don’t fit perfectly. You can actually pick multiple sizes from 5mm to 18mm to help dial in your fitment in detail. These spacers are CNC precision machined, black anodized finish and made in USA.

Spacers are the one item that many people tend to overlook if they want to keep their OEM wheel setup, or try to achieve better fitment with their aftermarket wheels.

Certain tires and wheels run in different sizes, so you can only hope so much that your fitment will work out when you mount your tires. Sometimes a spacer is all you need to make it look right.

IND E9X M3 Tri-Color Alcantara Shift Boot Set

Interior pieces and trim can be a bit tough at times when you’re modifying your car. You never want to go overboard with anything too distracting, but you also want to make your car feel unique. Our tri-color Alcantara shift boot fits both DCT and manual gearboxes to help add a bit of contrast to your interior.

You can also add gloss black paint to the M-DCT knob instead of the standard silver, as well as pair it with an Alcantara E-Brake boot to complete the set on your E9X M3.

The best part about this shift boot is that it’s not distracting, it’s just enough to help add that flare with the tri-colors of the BMW M flag. Each shift boot is made from high quality Alcantara or leather and utilize brand new factory BMW cores.

Carbonex E-Chassis Aluminum Hood Latch Handle

Simple, yet unique from any other mod you’ll do to your E9X M3.

Have you ever noticed that when you pop your hood to your car that the hood latch is a bit flimsy? The Carbonex aluminum hood latch handle can honestly make a nice difference when you’re working on your car. It’s all about those little details that add up on your build, especially when you do things with high quality products.

These latches are CNC machined using aircraft grade billet aluminum, so when you go to open your hood you’ll really get a good feeling of that “pop” when it opens. When you open your door as well you can see that this latch just looks better compared to the OEM lever.

It’s an easy install since it’s a direct replacement of the OEM plastic hood latch. This kind of mod isn’t something that everybody thinks about, but more so of seeing it online from a friend or being introduced to it. It’s always those little touches that make such a nice difference while owning an E9X M3.

Future Classic E9X M3 (S65) Oil Filter Housing Cap

Your oil filter housing cap is one of the largest pieces in your engine bay of the E9X M3. The OEM cap typically ends up looking dull and dirty after some time, which makes the engine bay look a bit outdated. Upgrading your filter housing cap will give your engine bay a much newer look along with helping to evacuate excess heat. Each Future Classic filter housing is CNC machined and anodized in USA.

Upgrading your filter housing cap is a way to help your engine bay all come together after all the other mods you’ve done. When you take care of the looks of your car, it’s always rewarding to see the end result. It’s a simple touch like this that can make a big difference when you pop your hood.

Fall-Line Motorsports - Aluminum DCT Oil Pan

Once again, we go back to the OEM plastic issue on these cars. The factory oil pan is extremely prone to leaking and uses a very fragile gasket that requires to be replaced after time. This Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum DCT oil pan uses a special Viton O-Ring that has a clever internal channel. Due to their resistance to temperatures, they eliminate the need to be replaced regularly.

If you’re worried about clearance underneath your car, this oil pan has a unique angled design to help prevent any kind of scraping on the ground under load. When you’re coming around a fast corner and going into heavy braking, or you’re going through a rough city street, you’ll have no worry of the oil pan hitting the ground and causing any kind of leak or issues. Like all other Fall-line motorsport components the DCT pan is designed, tested and manufactured in USA.

BMW E9X M3 / E82 1M Carbon Ceramic Brake Retrofit Kit

If you’re looking to improve your lap times or simply just have a stunning brake setup, this retrofit kit is the perfect setup for you. We make it easy by offering a kit that has everything in one swing, from the calipers, rotors, pads to dust shields and more. When you pair a great set of brakes to your car, you’ll gain a huge amount of confidence on and off the track.

This kit also includes custom machined brackets made Fall Line Motorsports to fit your E9X M3. When you purchase a set of new wheels, you may notice that your OEM brakes don’t fill up the entire wheel. When you upgrade to a bigger brake kit, it’s going to give it a much more complete look.

Ohlins E9X M3 Coilover Suspension - Road & Track

Upgrading your suspension can help in so many ways from the obvious of performance and driving experience, along with the look of your car. These Ohlins Road & Track offer the best of both worlds for your E9X M3. This system offers the perfect amount of comfort, yet still allowing you to have the agility you’d like in the canyons or at the track. Once again confidence is key when you’re driving your car hard.

A good suspension setup can make or break your ownership experience while having an E9X M3. You may see multiple systems out there for this chassis yet once you drive a car with upgraded suspension your mindset changes. Having a high-quality coiler system will make everything from daily driving to track days that much better. You can fully adjust these coilovers to your liking whether you prefer stiff or soft rebound. This can help with ride quality and grip depending on what kind of driving you plan on doing.

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