Top 10 $$$ Mods for F87 M2 Competition

A few months back, we put together a list for the OG M2: IND’s Top 10 Mods for Under $200. Today, we’re going the exact opposite route for BMW’s S55-equipped baby M—the most baller mods you can buy to make the ultimate road-going M2C. Get ready to break out the pocket book:


Alpha N F87 M2 Carbon GTS Hood 

One of the best and most noticeable features of the M4 GTS is the sculpted carbon hood—it provides an air exit path similar to the Porsche GT3 to create more downforce at the front of the car. For whatever reason, the treatment never trickled down to the M2 platform (even with BMW’s own M Performance hood), until Alpha N decided to finally give us F87 owners exactly what we’ve been after.


What it Does: Alpha N’s GTS hood is a direct replacement for the OEM panel and, thanks to its full carbon kevlar construction, manages to shave valuable weight and extract hot air from the engine bay in addition to its downforce benefit.


Defining Features: The unique GTS-inspired design carries over unmistakable design cues that adds an incredibly menacing and muscular presence to the M2. We think it really adds another level to an already eye-catching chassis.



Alpha N F87 M2 Vented Carbon Fender Set 

I don’t know about you guys, but it was hard for me to imagine how much better an RS version would look over the standard Porsche GT3…until I saw it. One of the biggest defining features of the RS has to be the vented fenders—they work to reduce the pressure build up in the wheel wells by providing an exit path for trapped air. In turn, this increases the air volume over the car and benefits front downforce. Alpha N has crafted a carbon fender set for the M2 platform to help achieve similar advantages.

What it Does: We’re starting this blog off with a double win for Alpha N, but for good reason. Not only do these vented fenders provide the aforementioned benefit, but their pre-preg carbon construction also guarantees some weight loss—the Alpha N fenders weight a scant 980 grams.


Defining Features: The Alpha N F87 vented carbon fenders add a bit of that GT3RS flair to your M2. The vented section flows harmoniously over the fender area, contouring perfectly with the OEM fender garnish as to not disrupt any of the M2’s lines. As an additional service, IND is also able to pre-paint these with our signature paint match guarantee so they’re ready to install upon receipt.



Brembo GT-R Big Brake Kit (F / R)


When it comes to brakes, there’s only one name that has make itself synonymous with the absolute best: Brembo. The GT-R kit sits at the throne of their vast product range, offering professional, motorsport-grade build quality and performance with no expense spared.


What it Does: It may seem odd for M2 Competition owners to seek out a brake kit because the OEM brakes have been beefed up over the standard model, but the GT-R brakes are a significant upgrade in every way. The GT-R monobloc calipers are beautifully machined out of a single block of billet aluminum and, paired with the 2-piece rotors of choice (we love the Type III disc pattern for all-around use) shed perceivable weight. Brembo themselves deem this kit the “most advanced expression of all Brembo’s experience in braking system design”. Quite a testament.


Defining Features: The GT-R kit features an exclusive nickel-plated finish with the red Brembo logo inset CNC machined into it, which sets it apart visually from the rest of the Brembo lineup. Underneath the skin, the GT-R pistons contain stainless steel radiators that aid heat dissipation to guard against premature pad / rotor wear during aggressive and sustained track use. |


KW Suspensions 3-Way Clubsport Coilover Kit

KW’s achievements in suspension design has made them one of the most popular choices for any BMW platform, offering up a delicate balance between exceptional handling and comfortable ride quality. Touting a true 7-post suspension test rig (one of only fifteen facilities in the world with this equipment), KW is able to introduce true Formula 1-level technology to the masses and has helped propel them to victory in several professional motorsport series.


What it Does: KW’s 3-Way Clubsport combines their high-end racing technology with maintenance-free KW OEM quality components—this is the kit that is specifically designed to help realize the full potential of the M2’s chassis at the limit.


Defining Features: The Clubsport line includes adjustable top mounts, distinctive linear springs, and external reservoirs to help extract maximum performance. In addition to independent rebound, the 3-way kit boasts high and low speed compression adjustability for ultimate fine tuning.



BBS 19" FI-R Wheel Set 

The FI-R was crafted as a statement to the burgeoning wheel industry at large—it aptly reminded

everyone who BBS has always been: the absolute authority in its segment. Since their founding in 1970, BBS has been aimed at extracting maximum performance on the racetrack, and soon after, the street as well. Indeed, performance and integrated technology have become cornerstones of BBS’s philosophy, so much so that their motto has fittingly become “Technology through Motorsports”.


What it Does: In any finish or size, the FI-R makes a similar statement about you and your car: you only want the very best. The wheel’s split 5-spoke chiseled design meshes perfectly with the M2C’s more pronounced, angular features and instantly adds motorsport character to the F87’s demeanor, all while dropping rotational mass at each corner.


Defining Features: While the FI-R may look like an evolution from the previous FI, this new iteration has taken more of a leap forward in terms of design and shedding weight. Although it remains a one-piece 6000 series forged aluminum wheel, the FI-R’s spokes are not only scalloped but are actually perforated at specific points to maximize weight loss without any sacrifice to strength. As a result, the FI-R’s weight more closely resembles the venerable RI-D which uses a special 7000 series alloy.



3D Design F87 M2 Competition Full Aero Program

Making sure all of your aftermarket additions flow together is incredibly important. Although many try to mix and match aero components from different manufacturers, there exists a unique aesthetic satisfaction to run a complete program—especially if that program is from 3D Design. As a company based in Japan, exceptional manufacture quality is as paramount as their commitment to crafting refined and design-nuanced visuals. Indeed, 3D Design’s aero components rank among the very best our industry has to offer and their M2 Competition kit is no exception.


What it Does: It’s hard to look at a car fitted with 3D components and then back to a stock one; the latter just ends up looking incomplete. Somehow, 3D has always been able to accentuate a BMW’s lines perfectly—although you’re adding carbon pieces at literally every end of the car, nothing looks out of place, nothing calls too much attention to itself. 3D’s full aero program for the F87 M2 Competition is comprised of a front lip, side skirt set, your choice of rear diffuser. Carbon bumper canards are available as an add-on option to complete a more circuit-focused look.


Defining Features: Like we mentioned before, 3D has a knack for adding the perfect amount of tasteful, discerning aggression to every car they touch. While the side skirts and rear diffuser are shared with the standard M2, the unique M2C front lip pairs so seamlessly with the more defined front fascia that you could’ve sworn it should have come like that from the factory.


Eventuri F87 M2 Competition Full Engine Package

If there’s one area that Eventuri knows, it’s the engine bay. The UK-based outfit has cut their teeth on making induction systems that not only look beautiful, but actually make power. How long have we been waiting for that? This accrued knowledge has helped them expand into other carbon fiber styling, which includes a really nice engine cover for S55 cars (amongst several other offerings).


What it Does: Although Eventuri’s intakes are often paired with our painted engine covers, real carbon aficionados will appreciate the impeccable weave pattern and coordination under the hood. You have to admit, it’s a pretty sight. For those who are still looking for a pop of color, a handful of carbon kevlar versions are also available at a premium: blue, yellow, and red.


Defining Features: There is nothing more iconic that defines our age than carbon fiber. Once a material strictly reserved for Formula 1 or more exotic marques, it’s now readily utilized across OEM and aftermarket components to add styling and reduce weight. In this case, it’s all about those style points—this engine dress-up pack will make you want to pop the hood and admire the sea of carbon. The extra ponies don’t hurt either.


Future Classic F87 M2 Competition Titanium Package

With cars getting heavier by the minute, reducing curb weight for a more dynamic driving feel has never been more important. Several of the products on this list, at least tangentially, achieve this and the all-new titanium package from Future Classic is aimed at a similar mission. The naturally lightweight material is utilized for wheel studs to reduce rotational mass and FC’s tow strap to reduce weight where, frankly, you don’t need it.


What it Does: Some of BMW’s most special cars are their lightweight specials. If you remember the M3 CSL episode of Top Gear, the extent to which BMW went to trim weight was thorough—cardboard trunk floor, plastic trunk, carbon roof—and let’s not forget no AC and radio. We’re not trimming away the creature comforts here, but keep this in mind: a rotational weight loss of ten pounds equates to almost 120 pounds sprung weight, so every little bit does count. Indeed, the titanium studs are vastly lighter than the OEM lug bolts and the equivalent tow strap manages to be half the weight of its steel equivalent.


Defining Features: This is one of those “have your cake and eat it too” kind of kits—style and benefit all in one. Looking at the steel and titanium tow hook shanks side by side, it’s really no contest—the Ti one is the one to have by a mile and the weight difference (~120g) is perceivable immediately. We’ve been a big fan of FC’s titanium studs since inception; the studs have be intelligently designed to safeguard against other manufacturer’s shortcomings and the little “FC” laser engraving on each nut is such a special touch.



Fall-Line Motorsports Full Suspension Package 

As the popular expression goes, you do it once and you do it right. Fall-Line has a reputation for winning not just races, but championships; their years of experience in motorsport have given them a test bed to create some of the very best components for the cars in our garage, including the M2 Competition. While the M2C is a capable car, the full Fall-Line treatment transforms it into an absolute riot to drive.


What it Does: By replacing a generous helping of the OEM rubber and fixed arms with spherical and adjustable units, the car feels much more alive in your hands without drifting into full blown racecar territory stiffness. The added benefit of this sweeping change is the ease of adjustment hereafter—alignments and subtle tweaks to change your car’s behavior are done in a fraction of the time—saving money and giving you more time behind the wheel. And when it comes to money, these parts are the best you can buy.


Defining Features: In a word, the chassis feels communicative. Again, the stock M2C is no slouch, but will the full suite of Fall-Line components installed, I felt supremely confident that the car was going to respond instantly to my inputs with pinpoint accuracy. And that confidence is something you can appreciate even outside the bounds of a racetrack.



Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Exhaust

Ahh our favorite lustrous metal is back: titanium. Akrapovic’s calling card is working with this very special metal to craft incredible exhaust systems that look as good as they sound. Over 100 world champions rely on Akrapovic exhaust systems and, as a result, they are synonymous with the highest echelon of design and performance. The first time I picked up an Akrapovic exhaust, I couldn’t believe how light it was. Versus the OEM steel, the weight difference is dramatic: 22.5lbs from the muffler section alone and an additional 15.9 from the center pipe (38.4 lbs in total).


What it Does: “Evolution” is a term that Akrapovic reserves for their downpipe back system. Whereas “slip-on” designates the muffler alone, the Evolution system combines the back box with a center section for greater weight savings, performance, and sound. The result is beautiful: the full titanium exhaust terminates with a splash of carbon on the tip set, a view that is only rivaled by its sweet sound. The Akrapovic system is a direct replacement for the OEM exhaust—simply unbolt it and install the Akra in its place.


Defining Features: TLDR; A lightweight, beautifully made exhaust that brings out the best in the S55 for the most discerning BMW M2C owner.


Slip-On Exhaust:


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