IND's Top 10 List - Best M2 / Competition Mods (For Under $200)

The F87 M2 brought about a tingling excitement that was reminiscent of the E46 M3. BMW promised a car that would deliver an experience worthy of its long-standing credo: The Ultimate Driving Machine. Indeed, for driving enthusiasts, it (along with its Competition sibling) is one of the top choices within BMW’s current M lineup.

Of course, we all know what’s coming after you finally park one in your garage—the mods. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a heap of M2’s coming in to make them go faster, drive better, and certainly look the part in the process. There’s plenty that can be done with a fat wallet, but what can we do for under $200 a mod?


IND F87 M2 / Competition Painted Front Reflector Set

 Okay you probably saw this one coming, but for us unfortunate folk in the US, the ghastly front reflectors need to be dealt with ASAP. IND has made this a cornerstone of our vast offerings, guaranteeing a perfect paint match as well as fitment thanks to using OEM cores. At $175 per pair, it’s right in the sweet spot for your first mod under that magical two hundred dollar mark.


What it Does: IND’s painted reflectors are a direct replacement for the OE units. Simply remove the orange reflectors and slot the IND versions in their place. It’ll give your M2 / Competition a cleaner, more Euro-inspired look (which honestly makes an even bigger difference than you think).


Defining Features: More than just slapping on some paint, IND takes extra care to create their painted front reflectors. First, all of the raised DOT lettering on the reflectors are carefully sanded down to create a smooth base and provide a better surface for the paint to grip onto. Afterwards, OE paint (and clearcoat) is laid down in multiple passes to ensure perfect coverage and that signature color match guarantee.



 IND F87 M2 Polar Blue Start / Stop Button

Color match all the things! IND has created a blue start / stop button that will coordinate with all of the blue stitched interior on your M2. The M2 Competition has a leg up on the standard M2 here (it already comes fitted with a red start button), but if you happened to option yours with the blue accents inside, swapping red for blue doesn’t seem like a bad idea for $39.95.

What it Does: The IND Polar Blue start / stop button is a direct replacement for the OE version, whether yours is black or red and it’ll add a bit of theater to your interior every time you’re ready to get going.


Defining Features: IND took great care in ensuring their start button shines above the rest. The polar blue version has a bit of metallic that beams in the light, while the lettering carries a greyish hue just like the OE unit it replaces. The little things make all the difference.



Acexxon F87 M2 / Competition Rear Reflector Insert Set

A well-proportioned posterior is all the rage nowadays and these reflector inserts certainly help accentuate the M2’s rear proportions. As opposed to the IND painted reflectors, these inserts are fashioned in either a honeycomb or slatted pattern to mimic a rear air curtain vent. However small, the effect is rather stunning and helps define the M2’s chiseled bumper area quite well, all for a cool $120 (or $195 for the gloss black versions).


What it Does: Pop the old OE rear reflectors out and slot these into place—these are direct replacements that allow you to preserve your originals in case you ever want to go back (you won’t).


Defining Features: As aforementioned, the M2 comes in both honeycomb and slatted versions. Both are ultra clean designs, but if you’re looking to coordinate with your lower front grille, you’d want to snag the honeycomb variant without a doubt.



BMW Floating Wheel Center Cap Set

Add a bit of Rolls Royce flair to your M2 with a set of these floating center caps. You heard it right…floating center caps that stay level regardless of your steering angle and input. This little detail sits a smidge over $100 and you can even have the edging painted matte or gloss black for $146 all-in.



What it Does: Pretty much exactly like it sounds.


Defining Features: The center cap is essentially a “two piece” design wherein the back of each center cap is allowed to spin with the wheel, while the front section is weighted to ensure it stays upright…unless you like spinning them by hand for fun while you’re washing your wheels.



Autotecknic Painted Steering Wheel Trim

The M2 / Competition comes with really handsome matte carbon trim throughout. It’s a really nice change up from all the glossy carbon bits that have become commonplace, but for whatever reason, BMW decided to leave the steering wheel as spartan as can be. Sure, they offer a matte carbon add-on, but Autotecknic offers another way to give your wheel the boost it needs with this $160 painted trim.


What it Does: The hum drum silver trim on the OE wheel is treated to a facelift in a slew of colors. You’re welcome to match your exterior color here, go wild with another F-Chassis color, or something even more custom than that. The sky is the limit.


Defining Features: I think you probably get the picture here, yeah?



Fall-Line Motorsports F87 M2 Tow Strap

Whether you’re going for the motorsport “look” or actually use your car for what the M division intended it for, the Fall-Line tow strap will fit the bill. As opposed to a hinged metal version, this robust sewn piece is one that we wholeheartedly prefer, both from a safety perspective and its ease of use. Available in black or red, these are only $98.50, though adding a slotted, paint-match cover to match will push you above the $200 mark ($247.50).


What it Does: Remove the OE cover—the Fall-Line tow strap threads into the bumper cavity and juts forward. Removal is just as easy, so you’re able to use it only when necessary or rock it all year round.


Defining Features: Fall-Line’s version combines a 5-axis CNC machined stainless steel base with a motorsport-tested, high-strength sewn strap.



Future Classic 5x120 Wheel Spacer Kit

OE wheels always fall short when it comes to fitment, so adding wheel spacers is a quick and easy way to ensure your car looks as menacing as it should. The one thing that’s absolutely guaranteed with Future Classic products is absolute quality. Their wheel spacer has flipped the segment on its head—instead of simply following suit with the rest of the industry, FC engineered their spacer from the ground up, building it precisely to their vision and nothing less. The 5mm variant is $133 (larger sizes go up from here).

What it Does: It may seem obvious, but a wheel spacer adds additional track to the front and rear and is often used to compensate for non-ideal wheel offsets, either from the factory or with aftermarket setups / suspension. Future Classic’s variant does this within the most comprehensive package on the market—four hub bolts, race worthy Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, and of course, wheel bolt hardware is included with every kit.

The hub bolts help ensure you won’t experience the notorious spacer “wobble” from improper installation / uneven seating on the hub surface while Copaslip is the definitive motorsport anti-seize assembly compound. It is trusted by professional racing teams the world over for its incredible working temperature range (-40°C to 1100°C).

Defining Features: Whereas most kits just look like a sliced section of cylindrical aluminum with some holes punched into it, the Future Classic variant has literally been engineered to perform. With careful calculation, additional pocketing has been machined from the spacer to shave unnecessary weight without strength loss penalty. As a result, the Future Classic spacer is the lightest and strongest production unit on the market. Although an almost immeasurable detail, the real ace in their back pocket comes from a subtle, but substantial hubcentric reinforcement. Without this extra step, conventional spacers often shear from this hubcentric ring.

As a direct benefit from working alongside Fall-Line Motorsport in engineering this kit, the test and production unit spacers have been rigorously tested in true race conditions.




Future Classic BMW Club Sticker

Okay this might be less of a “mod” as it is just a really cool thing for only $45. This was the very first Future Classic product we chose to carry and its worldwide popularity speaks volumes for how enthusiasts resonate with both its customization and a real sense for belonging to a select club.


What it Does: The club sticker is a window cling that features unique information about your car. This version affixes to your interior glass (and faces out) and can be moved to different windows as you see fit. Each sticker is color matched to your vehicle, comes in a variety of styles, and offers customization opportunities to truly make it your own.


Defining Features: All of the Future Classic attention to detail was born here—it’s unquestionably more than “just” a sticker and has become a popular choice for an enthusiast’s first mod, or a perfect cherry on top to a complete build. The premium static cling material is a really nice touch—moving it to a different window in the case of glass replacement or simply a different look is achieved without any loss in adhesion.



Goodridge F87 M2 Stainless Steel Brake Line Set

Regardless of what car you’re piloting, consistent and reliable brake performance is (or should be) at the top of your list. Goodridge is our definitive choice for premium lines and at $164.38, you’re going to see vast improvement through the pedal in any driving condition. Great bang for the buck.


What it Does: A stainless steel brake line replaces the vastly more flexible rubber OE components. With rubber, you’ll often feel the pedal can get “spongy” during more rigorous driving which is due to the hose literally deforming as fluid moves through it. The stainless unit will allow fluid to pass through in a consistent fashion and, due to its construction, also be more durable over time.

Defining Features: Goodridge stainless lines feature a PTFE inner liner and, for the most seamless installation possible, the hose ends and brackets match OEM. As an added benefit, these are US DOT and TUV approved.



IND F87 M2 / Competition Painted Key Hole Cover

Last but not least, the IND painted key hole cover at $44. Once you see a car with one, it’s almost impossible to un-see the abhorrent driver’s side key hole slot when you walk up to your door.


What it Does: The painted key hole cover is exactly like it sounds, but instead of your driver’s side key hole slot, you’re greeted by a smooth, uniform handle with no interruptions. As with other painted IND parts, you’re benefitted by a paint match guarantee and perfect fitment thanks to its OEM core.


Defining Features: The painted key hole cover is designed as a replacement insert for the original factory surround and lock cylinder.

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