Top 10: Best Gift Ideas for Under $100

‘Tis the season for gift giving and in terms of great stocking stuffers, there are countless options available for the BMW enthusiast in your life. For those of you looking for something more than our standard gift card, We’ve put together a quick Top 10 list of items in our catalog for under $100 to help make your decision making process that much easier.

Future Classic Club Sticker

Future Classic is a company inspired by motorsport, car culture, and a desire for individuality. Its creations take inspiration from BMW's greatest racing achievements and heritage—and infuse them into bespoke lifestyle art for your Ultimate Driving Machine, home, office, or garage.

Their club sticker has been incredibly popular since its inception and have been a mainstay on all of IND's most notorious builds—not only are they fashionable add-ons to the vehicle’s aesthetic, these interior window clings are made to order and designed to be personalized to reflect their owner’s taste. Matching posters are also available.

BMW Heritage E30 M3 Racing Diecast


Diecast cars are a great gift for enthusiasts at any age and the E30 is certainly an iconic model to add to a collection. This particular M3 is a 1:18 scale version of Roberto Ravaglia’s car which took the Touring Car Championship crown during the early 90’s. As a BMW-bred model, the details are impeccable and a cool tribute to a very special car. 

BMW Motorsport Shift Knob

Speaking of significant pieces of BMW history, this lightweight knob (first seen in the E30 M3 Motorsport cars) fits right in. It’s a great piece to add to a car as a BMW enthusiast, or simply have as a collector’s item—they are bound to go away forever in due time.

Future Classic Aluminum License Plate Frame

FC frame custom painted Austin Yellow Metallic by IND

If there’s one thing that enthusiasts always pride themselves on, it’s doing different. Future Classic has crafted their very own ultra slim, CNC machined license plate frame that stands a cut above from the crowd. Milled out of a solid piece of solid 6061-T6 space grade aluminum, it’ll not only withstand the test of time, but its craftsmanship will also make a very legitimate statement about the products you put on your car. Custom paint options are available as an add-on from IND as well.


Goldenwrench Blackline Performance BMW M Oil Cap Cover

BMW has been known to be spartan in a lot of aesthetic treatments compared to their rivals, but this Blackline Performance billet oil cap cover aims to level the playing field. Each beautifully striking cap is CNC formed from T6 Aluminum and anodized in your choice of red or grey to coordinate with the rest of your car’s enhancements. Instead of a full cap replacement, this piece is simply a stick-on cover which makes it DIY friendly for even the least mechanically inclined enthusiast.


BMW M Logo Valve Stem Cap Set


Is one of your wheels missing a valve stem cap or looking a bit drab against your modded car? These OEM BMW M Logo caps will instantly provide a lift to your car’s exterior. The infamous M logo is proudly featured on the face of each cap and pops nicely against its black frame. It’s a really nice accessory that you (or your gift’s recipient) can instantly appreciate.

Acexxon Universal Heavy Duty Lip Protector

Without question, aero enhancements are amongst the most visually impactful modifications you can add to your car, but that aggressive aesthetic comes at a price—it becomes crucial to tread more carefully across uneven streets or down steep driveways in fear of tarnishing that expensive carbon upgrade. Rather than dwell on the negative, Acexxon has fashioned a solution to protect your precious carbon lip from scrapes and more serious damage so you can enjoy your upgrade as intended. Peace of mind is certainly a gift worth its weight in spades.


IND Start / Stop Buttons

A pop of color does wonders for a BMW cabin. IND has fashioned replacement start / stop buttons for a variety of BMW vehicles in either red, blue, or yellow colorways. The illumination is true to the OEM button and adorned with the identical “Start Stop Engine” copy. F-Chassis car owners can also add matching M1 / M2 buttons for that extra color coordination effort.

IND 10-Year Anniversary Fitted Hat

We are incredibly grateful to have served the BMW enthusiast community for over a decade. In continued celebration of this milestone, we have our 10-year anniversary hat available in four distinct colorways. These flex-fit hats come in two sizes so you can get that fitted hat look without the cumbersome sizing guesswork. 

Studie BMW Team Sweatshirt

In terms of modern BMW-based motorsport outfits, Studie BMW in Japan has to be one of the most iconic. Amongst their expansive lifestyle collection, their Navy Blue Team Sweatshirt has been incredibly popular and proudly features the unmistakable Studie logo on the front. It’s a fantastic addition to any BMW enthusiast’s closet.

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