The White Balance

The White Balance

Many people know IND by their E9x M3 projects, but we have had a passion for BMW and M cars in particular since long before the E9x M3 arrived in the US.

A local client of ours shares this same passion for M cars, and brought his E46M3 to us for it’s yearly “winter makeover”. This E46 M3 is run at tracks like Road America, Autobahn, Gingerman, and Grattan all summer long, and in the winter the entire front of the car is repainted to maintain it’s absolutely spotless appearance. Although this M3 is a track car, it has the look of a museum piece. I have not seen a better looking, more flawless E46 M3 since the cars stopped being sold by BMW as new.

While we were refinishing the appearance of the car, we thought we may want to refresh the car’s performance, too. We installed Enkei NT03 wheels in 18×10” width all around, with a custom powdercoated white finish, and added some 265mm wide Advan A048 tires for improved cornering. Vorshlag camber plates were added to the KW V3 coilovers for greater adjustment of camber and castor alignment settings, and an AutoSolutions short shifter took made shifting more precise and controlled.

Our client was so excited about the way his E46 M3 looked and handled, he bought an E30 M3 to match! The E30 M3 has been his dream car for years, and is a true classic. This one was in great shape, and of course was already Alpine White to go with his E46 M3. IND is planning a full refresh of this 20 year old classic, so we started by installing Ground Control coilovers, the always classic BBS LM wheels with Dunlop Star Spec tires, TreeHouse control arm bushings, Ireland Engineering trailing arm and subframe bushings, adjustable camber and toe plates for the rear subframe, and swaybar reinforcement blocks for the rear swaybar.

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