The Silver Standard

The Silver Standard

Working at IND gives all of us here a unique opportunity- we get to build the car we love over and over again. How many people are fortunate enough to modify beautiful cars for a living? Because offering styling consultation on our Portfolio projects is one of the key components of our Portfolio service, it is critically important for all of us at IND to keep an open mind. We have to do a fresh, new look for each car, and ensure that the finished project isn’t just a mass produced modified car, but rather a car that is uniquely our client’s.

This Silverstone II E93 convertible was built for a client that loves the E93 M3 for it’s versatility, and it’s tasteful looks. He wanted a beautiful M3 that retained it’s high class appeal. To accommodate our client’s desire for a clean and subtle E93, we chose to mold a Vorsteiner Polyurethane front lip to our bumper, removing any sign of the old OEM reflectors along the way. Complimenting the classic front lip is the new Challenge rear diffuser, which was also molded to the rear bumper. Nitto Invo tires in 255/30/20 Front and 285/30/20 Rear sit on BBS LM wheels in 20×9.5 Front and 20×10 Rear accent the OEM chrome trim perfectly.

Instead of choosing to black out everything in sight, IND left the chrome trim well enough alone on this E93, preferring the bright, clean look it and the BBS LMs offer. Coming soon is an Eisenmann Sport exhaust system, Rogue short shift kit, and BMW Performance shift boot and knob.

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