The best in motorsport wheels from BBS

The best in motorsport wheels from BBS

BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG has been revolutionizing the sports wheel industry since the company’s humble beginnings in Schiltach Germany in 1970. Most of our clients know that BBS still sets the standard in wheel manufacturing, both for road and race track use, even after 30 years of history.

IND celebrates these years of racing by offering one of BBS’ most popular racing wheels to our clients: BBS’ style E88.

BBS’ motorsport program offers custom barrel sizing and center designs to produce literally an infinite amount of possible combinations. Prospective customers can ask BBS to design one-off centers for very limited production to suit their individual needs, but this design process is beyond the needs and capabilities of most.

IND’s staff have waded through the possibilities to create a number of easy, off the shelf solutions. We’ve selected the appropriate center and two barrel combinations. IND’s paint staff can, of course, refinish the wheels in any custom finish for an additional charge.

The style E88 wheels are available in 18” and 19” sizes, and two possible width combinations are available in each size:

[B]18″ Specs-
18×9.5 +19 front
18×10.5 +19 rear

18×9 +25 front
18×10 +25 rear[/B]

[B]19″ Specs-
19×9.5 +19 front
19×10.5 +19 rear

19×9 +25 front
19×10 +25 rear[/B]

19″ Front weight = 24.6lbs

19″ Rear weight = 25lbs

Hi, I have Porsche 996 Turbo RS GT BBS wheels, 18″, which I want the center face changed to light gold color from the black diamond finish.
I talked to some one last year about doing this, my name was John the retired Chicago Fireman, PCA member.
Please let me know current price on that .. Thanks , 773 401 7263

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