Sterckenn F97 X3M / F98 X4M Carbon Splitter


The F97 X3M / F98 X4M marks Sterckenn's inaugural entry into the SUV market. Echoing the rest of their product line, Sterckenn adopted its usual strategy of combining discreet aesthetics with exceptional aerodynamic effectiveness. The finished work, featuring a twill weave pattern, brings an even greater visual impact than the stock equivalent, while it still perfectly blends with the M Performance design details of the top-end X3s and X4s.

Sterckenn F97 X3M / F98 X4M Carbon Front Lip Drawing

Sterckenn’s take on the front splitter features three vertical bars that dramatically underscore the aggressive demeanor of the new M SUV's, yet don't negatively affect their usability: by splitting (no pun intended) the splitter into three independent components, you are able to replace components as necessary should any of them become damaged over time. Happily, factory ground clearance is virtually unaffected by installing these pieces as well.

Sterckenn F97 X3M / F98 X4M Carbon Front Lip

Sterckenn F97 X3M / F98 X4M Carbon Front Lip

Despite the boutique scale of Sterckenn’s operation, their fit and finish echoes the quality standard of much larger production houses and we think it's a fantastic option for the budding X3M / X4M market.


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