New Release: Sterckenn F92 M8 Carbon Front Lip

BMW’s new F92 M8 needs no introduction—its arrival has been long-anticipated after the success of its predecessor. Indeed, the new gran turismo has evolved in every perceivable way and with it, comes a fresh line-up of aftermarket accessories.

We’ve watched Sterckenn evolve almost exponentially since their arrival. Truthfully, they didn’t even have aero components available during the F06/F12 lifespan, but that has, perhaps, given them a fresh slate onto which they could approach the new M8.

A new way of thinking is, indeed, a perfect way to characterize Sterckenn’s methods. While their G15 8-series front lip carries a familiar approach to previous models, the F92 shows that they are keen to break the proverbial mold in the BMW aftermarket world.

Its looks, dominated by the three dramatic, vertical bars on the center splitter, denote Sterckenn’s new design language—a synonymous blend of both character and function. But perhaps one of the more unique aspects of this program is how well it plays with BMW’s own accessories. Thanks to Sterckenn’s modular philosophy, their add-ons can be used in combination with the M Performance lineup rather than solely compete against it.

Sterckenn’s modular design has another benefit: lower replacement cost. It’s relatively rare that your entire carbon lip gets damaged from road-use impact. It’s infinitely more common that only small portions are affected and Sterckenn, taking this real-world experience into account, has used modularity to their advantage. A prospective M8 owner can replace one component rather than a three-piece set, saving hundreds over the course of ownership. It was a well-received experiment born on the F97 X3M platform that should see much more benefit on lower cars like the F92 M8.

Stringent manufacturing quality rivals Sterckenn’s clever design methods—the company uses only fine pre-preg carbon and can, thanks to fastidious standards, create beautiful twill patterns most often reserved for high-end aftermarket offerings or even BMW’s own program.

We are proud to be amongst the first to bring this exciting aero entry to the F92 M8 market and wholeheartedly believe it will be a very popular option for coupe, convertible, and gran coupe owners the world over.


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