Spoiled for Choice: Revisiting the RKP F82 M4 Carbon Trunk

Spoiled for Choice: Revisiting the RKP F82 M4 Carbon Trunk

When it comes to car parts, there’s rarely such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Tastes vary widely from diehard purists, concours show cars, and circuit-focused track junkies. To RKP, this presented an exciting challenge during the design phase of their carbon trunk—creating something for everyone without compromising their strict commitment to manufacturing excellence.

The result is something that deserves a revisit—RKP was able to create a trunk that adds muscularity and purpose to the M4’s strong lines, while following BMW’s design language to a T. The hand laid RKP unit integrates the excellent BMW Performance spoiler into the trunk’s body, giving the M4 enthusiast a one-piece design that improves performance, reduces weight, and maintains the visual purpose that BMW originally intended. Indeed, the RKP variant is 60% lighter than the factory lid—an amazing feat considering BMW’s commitment to factory weight savings.

Every OE component transfers over with perfect fitment

RKP F82 M4 Carbon Trunk – Race Version

RKP F82 M4 Carbon Trunk – Street Version

In keeping with the theme of choice, the RKP trunk is available in both 1×1 and 2×2 weave patterns as well as “Street” and “Race” variants, essentially a single-sided carbon or double-sided treatment for owners looking to shave every last ounce.

Indeed, it’s the weight conscious consumer that made RKP take special consideration to ensure the trunk could also support a variety of wings without losing structural integrity at speed. That commitment led RKP to even create their own rear wing, adapting what they had learned from the E9X platform and crafting a modified aerofoil shape, larger chord, wider profile, and larger end plates to suit the newer M4 body perfectly. Fully adjustable anodized aluminum stands allow the driver to tailor the wing profile to their racing needs. In true RKP fashion, this piece is also available in two ways—2×2 weave carbon or a no fuss matte black variant.

Undeniably, what makes modifying cars such a fascinating endeavor is that pursuit of individuality—to be better, to stand apart—whether a subtle touch or a statement piece. And what RKP has produced here, is a testament to that very effort.

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